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  1. I had an accident at the end of January. After sending all my documents in as requested, the underwriters have voided my policy. They say that I didn't tell them about 2 SP30 convictions. My position is this: I believe that I declared all accidents and convictions when applying originally online. I never received any documents at all, which I only realised at the time of the accident. I always keep the insurance certificate in my car. It wasn't there. The attending police officer at the accident informed me who I was insured with, as no contact of any kind had been received
  2. I insured with Hastings Direct which I am now really, really regretting. Whatever you do DON'T insure with them. Unless you want a truly bad experience if you ever have to claim. I recently had an accident on the inner ring road in Leeds, a dangerous place at the best of times. There was a stopped lorry and the car in front panicked (maybe) and did an emergency stop for no reason. It was a low speed impact. I called Hastings and was recovered to Nationwide Crash Repair Centre. I was told on the phone that NCRC would provide a courtesy car. When we got there they informed
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