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  1. not replied to their letter, do I need to?
  2. I have not replied to the letter, do I need to? I do not have sky and far as concerned paid what I owed, I kept asking them to tell me how much I owed them and not once did they reply, Sky passed it on to a DCA who contacted me at the old address. They were based in Scotland but I will find out the paper work to make sure, it was only a small amount owed to Sky, I asked several times for a balance from the DCA but got no reply and now Past Credit have found where I have moved to and seems it has been passed to them?
  3. thanks for that im-mad, our last name is fairly common but they knew our old address!
  4. hi caro, it is second letter they have sent me now, the first was to do with sky, and now they are asking if I lived at the address they put in the letter
  5. thanks DX, my credit file prob reads like a horror story!, do I just ignore these letters?
  6. guess so, just never heard of this company!
  7. hi, DX, no I am not paying them any thing and it is a letters they are sending me to our new address, how they got it I have no idea
  8. getting a letter from a company called Past due credit solutions asking if we had lived in Cambridgeshire ( last address) and when we moved in and moved out, how did they get my new address? only been here a month!
  9. Hi, Sandy (Bob's o/h here ) I have had a letter from them today at our new house, they want to know if we lived at our last house and for how long, when we first moved there we did have Sky but it got too expensive and as Bob lost job we could no longer afford it, it was passed to a debt company, I paid them at the agreed amount and wrote and asked how much I owed, I did this on several occasions but was never told, I know it was not a lot I paid them but they never replied so I thought it was done, now after a long period of time I get this letter, no idea how they found out where I was, it does not say how much I owe nor for what. Where we are now we only have free view through our tv as still can not afford sky, if anyone can help? I did send a reply to them last week I think it was as they sent me a letter then, but now they want this new information?, not sure what to do, sorry for jumping on this post Sandy
  10. life goes on or you will get over it ( specially after losing someone )
  11. Bobcat2


    Nice win for the Gunners!
  12. Finally being offered a job! downside is the hourly pay is rubbish
  13. " you are currently in a queue, thank you for your patience. All our operators are busy with other calls "
  14. we will let you know, or the classic, thanks for your interest but we have others to see, or we will get back to you !
  15. on these property programmes when the presenter says, shall we go inside then! well no we will just look at the house from here shall we!
  16. knows where but maybe Scotland as
  17. people who always say, " you know " at the end of every sentence
  18. yellow brick road leading to who
  19. it runs out in December if I remember right, they charge for everything and will not be using them again
  20. Right, he now is more or less saying we have damaged the cabinet as his last email said allegedly damaged, all we want is the money back we had to loan from my daughter to go and collect the rest of our stuff he left behind, that is £80, all he has offered me is first of all £40, then £50 I said no, I have contacted the van company site who have tried to help but have said I need to email the man which I have been doing, am getting nowhere fast
  21. thanks, yes only a couple left but working it out the last few will be nearly as much as the insurance was to start with!, A big hike tbh from £26 to £50 and tbh it will be a struggle to find this
  22. I do have photo's and have only been contacting him via email, thank you
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