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  1. sillygirl,who are you repling to please? I am totally confussed! I spoke to my bank this morning and will also put it in writing not to allow CFO to take money from our account,not sure what to say/write to OFT/TS, sorry just angry that firms can do this to people
  2. have just written letter to bank,asking them not to honour any payments to CFO
  3. thank, new here so if you can point me in the direction of the OFT etc and what to say to them it will be great,must sound thick,sorry
  4. I went to my bank today and they said CFO have not tried to take money from our account as it would show up, CFO told us they had tried taking money from our bank, our account is in serious arrears, I asked our bank if we could stop them taking any money we get going in and they told us that they can not just take it out,is this right? am worried as hopefully we may be getting JSA go in our account if we are entitled to it as I lost my job at end of Jan this year, WE never asked CFO for a loan yest they put one in our account, the bank says as we have used it there is no fraud committed, surely you need to sign for any loan? we honestly did not relise any extra money and why would we ask for a loan of any sort when we could not afford one? where do they get your details from? Any advice is welcome
  5. You have a loan of £200 with £78 interest which was due for repayment on 24/02/12. I'm sorry to hear about your current situation however is there any way today you can make the Interest and fines payment on the account to defer the loan, this will save you a large amount of money as fines will be applied to your account as per your account. If you cannot do this, as the account is in default, fines and fees will be applied to the account until the balance is settled in full. You will also receive daily calls/texts and E mails chasing the debt. After a period of 33 days of being in default the debt will be passed to an external door to door Collection Agency called Mitigate Trace & Collect. They charge their own fee for this service and this cost will be applied to your account. We suggest therefore that you try and at least make the interest payment to defer the loan to avoid this. We can also take a payment from your debit/credit card or if needed from someone else credit/debit card who may wish to pay on your behalf. Please fill in the following if you wish to make the payment for the Interest today, or call 02081661470 to discuss this with an advisor. Kind Regards Capital Finance One Tel : 020 8166 1470
  6. hi, we have just had an email from them, shall I post it here?
  7. have you a link for open office please as all the ones I have tried are foreign
  8. Ty dx,will give it a try,have to wait till Monday to go to our bank as they are closed over the weekend
  9. I just d/l the above link but it came out unreadable,just symbols/letters etc so had to delete it,we are being hounded by CFO for a loan we knew nothing about,we did try for a PDL from a couple of companies and each time got declined so stopped looking,as other half has now lost his job it is last thing we need.I always thought you had to sign for a loan and have the agreement sent you? CFO have said they will keep phoning us for the money, £278
  10. I thought any loan had to be signed for? we have had nothing,if they try and take anything from our bank then they will not succeed as we over overdrawn and there is ziltch in our account and it will reamain like that for awhile,if anyone has any idea who these people are and how they can say you owe them money when you know nothing about it is beyond us,the last call we had was to our mobile phone and the guy was awful,he said they will keep phoning us for the money
  11. Hi, is this their phone number, 020 81661472 Asking as they have been harassing us saying we have had a payday loan for £200 from them, first we knew, surely you need to sign for a loan? they now say they want £ 278 in total, hubby lost his job end of Jan this year and we are waiting to see if we are entitled to anything from JSA, anyone know who CFO are as the intials throw up a lot of different companies with the same intials
  12. might be a bit thick but what is a statute ( think thaats right) sorry new to all this
  13. Hi, Iqor sent me a letter today re a missing payment.I forgot to pay them last month as I am supposed to pay them £5 a month for a Littlewoods account for a debt of £166.58,Have they nothing better to do? and has anyone had dealings with DML? (Debt Managers Ltd) they keep saying payments are not being made when I know for a fact they are
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