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  1. I have always had the limiter on , there was no other traffic as it was late at night, My sat nav will also beep at me when coming to a speed camera etc, I NEVER mess about adjusting things while driving, I will always do it before setting off, once you have been caught for speeding then I for one would NOT do it again, so guess you are saying 3 or more points on my licence and a £100 fine? it was £60 last time.

    I will see what the ticket says

  2. have no idea as waiting for it to come, it went to the place where my firm hire the vans from, they in turn sent it to my boss who then informed me, it was before Christmas but it has taken this long for it to arrive. The boss has sent it off to the Police to tell them who was driving so as I say I am waiting for it to arrive, the speed limit on the road was 30.

    I had pulled out of another road onto this road and as was driving saw the van hidden, I saw as passed it that is had speed van on the rear door

  3. I asked for advice not a lecture, I was not speeding and the Speed awarness course was some time ago and I learnt a lot from it, they told us there that there is sometimes discretion ,I:E up to 2/3 miles over the limit, and we are not under pressure to do deliveries,


    If I thought for one second I was speeding I would admit it, I am so careful as already being done for speeding before I know not to do it, my Sat Nav is a Tom Tom and is up to date as I always d/l new things to it.


    I am sorry if you think I am trying to get away with this but I am not, I was under the impression that Police speed vans had to be on show

  4. Hi

    I have just been informed by my boss that a speeding fine is coming my way ,

    it has taken a long time to get to him as the van I drive is hired from a van hire company by the firm I work for.


    I vaguely recall seeing a van parked at the side of the road one night while out but it was not until I passed it

    I saw it was a unmarked Police Van zapping passing motorists.


    I always have the speed limiter set for where ever I am to make sure I stick to the speed limit and also my Sat Nav tells me as well,



    my question is,

    I always thought the Vans had to be in sight and marked?

    this one was not in full view but as you passed there was a Police person holding the gun!


    I know I had the limiter on, my licence is clean, my boss has sent the fine back to the Police with my details on

    so a waiting game now but any advice please?


    I do not think I am allowed to go on a Speed awarness course as am sure I did one either last year or just before :(


    I am not happy as the van was not visible at all, my boss said to fight the fine when it arrives?


    Sorry for long post


    Pete ( Bobcat )

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