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  1. Hi All, Just a quick update... I sent off a FULL SAR template letter to Egg marked Subject Access Request and have received the following reply: -That I also noticed from reading other Egg CC card threads on CAG seems to be Egg's standard non co-operative response to SAR requests! Thank youfor your recent request for an executed copy of the credit agreement foraccount number xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx with Egg Banking plc under section 78 (1) ofthe Consumer Credit Act 1974 As theaccount you refer to is now closed I have to inform you that Egg are under noobligation to comply wi
  2. Hi Ims, Thanks for info I'll pass this on and will update any progress...
  3. Hi ims This was for a loan that was paid off in 2010 he doesn't have the original paperwork. He also has his current account with HSBC. So if he writes again asking for a reply in 7 working days etc... Thanks
  4. Hi all, A friend of mine has recently had a PPI offer from HSBC but with no break down, he wrote a letter in reply asking for a full breakdown. He didn't hear anything for 3 weeks so rang up and was told that they did not have to provide a breakdown on receipt of his letter requesting a breakdown for 8 weeks... Is this correct? Thanks Atty
  5. Hi Jedicris, I've had a similar reply from Egg credit card and I'm waiting back for a SAR request - I'm expecting the same response that you had - then its off to the FOS as well! Atty
  6. Just an update on this. I filled out a FOS questionnaire for this credit card and stated that it was linked to my current account with Natwest (which is still open) and sent this off and then subsequently sent off a SAR requesting info specifically on the credit card: I've had a bit of a result in that 2 letters arrived recently offering PPI refunds on two loans that I had with natwest going back to before 2005 even though I had not asked about a refund specifically for these loans - this was something I was going to look into after completing my natwest creditcard PPI claim. I'm re
  7. Hi Ims Thanks for the quick response, I'll give the SAR a go I'll keep you posted Thanks Atty
  8. Hi Dx/Ims I did not recall ever having PPI on this card and I certainly didn’t ask for it. As I didn't have any card details or statements (previous enthusiasm with the paper shredder!) I sent a speculative letter to egg asking for basic credit card account details and if there was PPI. Egg replied that the card was opened in Nov 2001 and closed in May 2005 and confirmed there had been card PPI on the account, and that if I wanted a copy of the last statement there would be a £2 fee. I submitted a FOS questionnaire with the following reasons: I was unaware that i had card
  9. Hi I've recently submitted a questionnaire to Egg Credit card and a further letter questionning their reasons for rejecting a claim. I have received a 2nd final decision letter stating: "I can confirm that the option regarding this protection was not pre-selected and the application would have continued if you had selected or not selected the insurance option" I applied for this card online, I know from reading on this forum that Egg were one of the companies that used pre-ticked boxes with the on-line process. My question is I took this card out in Nov 2001 is there anyway
  10. Hi ims, I'll get a SAR to them (fingers crossed) Thanks for advice Atty
  11. Hi All, I'm just looking for some advice for the best way to get details on a old credit card I had with Natwest as I know I had PPI on this and was pretty sure this was added on without me saying if I wanted it or not. I not 100% sure but I closed the credit card sometime in 2006 The problem is I don't have any paperwork left (I had a bit of a splurge with the paper shredder a couple of years ago which I now regret in light of the PPI/Charges scandal!) So far I have spoken to Natwest on the phone and they told me to write to Cards Customer services requesting details of
  12. Hi ims21 Thanks ever so much for you help with the calculations this makes sense to me - if i'm successful with any other ppi claims I have in the pipeline i'm confident I'll be able to check the offers myself using the spreadsheets you've provided:-D I'm happy to accept this claim now I'm just waiting for the cheque to arrive in the post now! Big thanks to you and all the other forum posts that have pointed me in the right direction to claim this money back:whoo: Atty
  13. Hi ims21, sorry for the delay, I've had confirmation on the payments: Loan 1 1st payment made 02 Feb 2003 £218.47 then a further 9 monthly payments of the same amount upto and including 2nd Nov 2003 (Loan 2 start date 11 Nov 2003) Loan 2 1st payment made 02 Dec 2003 £316.70 then a further 11 monthly payments of the same amount upto and including 2nd Nov 2004 (Loan 3 start date 26 Nov 2004) Loan 3 1st payment made 02 Dec 2004 £329.69 which increased to £337 from 02 May 2006 following a three month payment break. I increased the payments to £500 from 02 April 2007 and t
  14. Hi ims21, Sorry my mistake i haven't got the statements but i have gone back to egg to confirm the payment amounts and the number of payments, as soon as they get back to me i will send an update Thanks again for your help Atty
  15. Hi ims21, Sorry for the delay I was being a bit of a idiot converting the files to PDF, fingers crossed these attachments work! Here are the attached three PDF files 1. Egg Loan PPI Breakdown - Info provided by egg 2. Complaint Upheld Letter 3. Breakdown of Offer - I requested a more detailed breakdown of the offer and this is what they sent Hopefully I've included everything you need, if not let me know of any questions Thanks again for your help the numbers have made me go crossed eyed Atty Egg loan & PPI breakdown.pdf Breakdown of offer.pdf Complaint
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