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  1. Thank you for reading. I have a problem with my electric meter. I will try to keep this brief, I have a low reading and a normal reading and it appears that I have only been billed for the low reading (I'm worried it may be since I have been in the property 8 years). The low reading is registering units during the DAY and NIGHT!. So I am assuming I am being charged for my day time usage at the lower price. I have notified British Gas, but only after there was a problem with them excepting my latest meter reading. They are going to fit a new meter and bill me based on my last true reading, but how can they do this if this has been happening since I have been in the property (worse case scenario) and I have been paying but at the lower rate. They are ringing me this afternoon to discuss billing so am still in the dark. I'm so worried about this, any advice would be appreciated:!.
  2. Hi I’m new to this forum and in a bit of a state , so excuse me if I ramble on. I hope someone can advise me as I’m really worried about my electricity account. I will give a bit of background first. Since I have moved into my home in 2007 I have had low electricity bills, usually around £40 for winter months and £20 for summer month, per quarter. I know this sounds totally dumb in hindsight , but as this is the first time I have actually lived on my own and so therefore hardly use any electric, I thought these bills to be about normal. My meters are either read by British Gas or if estimated I submit the correct reading via the web site. Anyway to get on to my reason for posting, I received an email to say my readings were due, so today I have read my meters, and when I submitted them online to BG the electricity account said, words to the effect that it was the same as the previous reading (I have never had this happen before), so I altered the last digit up by one on the day rate reading so my reading would be excepted, I thought this a bit strange, but even stranger the bill flashed up as minus £2 something (cant bring this info back up). Obviously this cant be right! So I looked around the site, never done this before just use site to submit meter readings and view bills, and looked at the ‘meter reading history’ ,and found that from 2007 the ‘day meter reading’ has stayed the same!!! OMG help!!! I have checked the dial on the meter and it is spinning. I know I need to bring this to the attention of BG but can anyone advise me on where I stand, really worried!! Thank you for reading.
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