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  1. Dear All, I wonder if you can assist. I was inolved in a partnership that basically went south, the senior partner ended up getting the boot leaving me saddled with debts of around £24k I tried to re work these debts however a down turn in business resulted in additional debts of around £30k being incurred with HMRC for PAYE. Coupled with my personal debts I think i ower nearly £90k I do own a house with my wife however we are seperated, that said there is a secured loan on the property under my name so i know that for my part of the property there is negative equity. I cur
  2. Got another cheque today! It looks like they are paying me the interest
  3. well some good news, i tackled RBS for some ppi relating to 3 loans, they originally stated that all three payments would be paid back to my outstanding loan that fell into arrears however i today received 2 cheques in settlement with only one going towards the debt so happy days and thanks for your help.
  4. Now i find this very interesting as Paragon have declined my settlement on the basis it was pre regulation ! in addition the broker who arranged this who I think was Norton have now gone bust...
  5. so the wonderful Hadenglen went titsup.com which i have discovered while trying to make a ppi claim They facilitated a mortgage and loan with the mighty Northern Rock, it would appear that the PPI on the mortgage and loan was not done via northern rock and their provider Cardiff Pinnacle Personally i am not convinced that it was not via Cardiff Pinnacle but I guess I have to take their word for it. I cannot claim via the compensation scheme as the ppi mortgage and loan was pre regulation, can I go after the underwriters of the PPI?
  6. ok so it appears that triton are part of RBS, triton utilise Frederickson Int to recover the money, the account for the loan 3 and OD are still open. The defaults happened over 6 years ago now and they are not showing on my credit file. the chappy that i just spoke with said that the ppi outstanding on the open loan account will be paid to them and that i would receive a cheque for the loans 1 and 2 which are now closed.. not sure if that is correct though..
  7. Sorry IMS. To recap then Loan 1 settled Loan 2 settled Loan 3 defaulted sold/passed onto various companies and now sitting with Triton Financial Services who said I had an option to settle at a reduced rate only last week. I presume that Triton are not part of RBS and therefore there intention on using the ppi repayment to part settle the debt is not allowed? There letter states the loan is till open though.. v confused now!
  8. oooh thats interesting... the debt did default and i guess was sold or to a debt collection agency... i have not had any arrears notices at all !
  9. even though the arrears relate to a totally different loan account?
  10. Hi, I have made a successful claim against RBS group for PPI charged to me on three loans Loan 1 was settled (PPI Charged) Loan 2 was settled (PPI Charged) Loan 3 fell into arrears and still has money outstanding but is being paid off monthly via a debt agency RBS are stating in their letter than money will be paid out once any outstanding debts with the group are settled, so i presume that they are saying that the ppi money owed to me for loan 1 and 2 will not be paid to me and in fact ppi money owed for loans 1, 2 and 3 will go towards paying off the oustanding debt of Loa
  11. Hi I do not have agreements or statements however I have had confirmation from both that ppi was taken and the amount it costs so there is an admission from them albeit verbally
  12. well i have just drafted a letter to each company, gonna send tomorrow, nothing to lose apart from a bit of time hey!
  13. Problem is i am not sure of my next step with these two companies. They are saying pre 14/1/05 and stating the broker has gone bust, how do i respond to that?
  14. that would have been a worthwhile £9 bet ! yep and HFC/Endeavour I am considering using a ppi company that i have found that charge only 10% as these guys seem like a pain in the arse!! Working on Northern Cock for loan and mortgage, Natwest, Egg and MBNA myself though
  15. Hi, I have received two letters from two providers who state that as my ppi was taken out prior to Jan 14th 2005 I cannot claim as the regulation by the FSA was not in place at the time. I disagree with this, to add insult to injury the original brokers have now gone titsup.com Is there a template where I can make a threat regarding this, i have the account numbers and premiums paid already, just need a strongly worded letter. thanks dan
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