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  1. It is now Consumer Focus, run by CAB but runs just the same as Consumer Direct. Same number, mostly the same staff.
  2. Consumer Direct, who will pass you through to Trading Standards if required. Also you may need to take the dealer to Small Claims Court.
  3. Landlords do this all the time, you need to speak to Enviromental Health at your local council
  4. This is a complicated matter and needs to be dealt with by a solicitor and maybe CAB or other advice service. Their next of kin will have to deal with this. Did you friend have insurance (PPI) on their debts? Tell the next of kin if so.
  5. Conniff - OP said that one moved away 10 years ago and the other one died so they will have trouble with that unless I mis-read the post. At OP - do you currently have a tenant? Who's name is on the Water Account?
  6. Unless your last payment/contact was 6 years ago then these debts are NOT statue barred. Are you talking about this year? Please provide information in this thread.
  7. Comet are known for things like this. Tell you to contact the manufacturer but it is their responsibility! Replace or refund by SOGA like dx said. If they mess around contact head office and make a complaint.
  8. Google repairing it or buy a cheap phone that can tether.
  9. I think it would be hard to prove now and I highly doubt anything would happen to your old landlord imo. Did you ever settle the rent arrears? If not forget about it completely!
  10. I'm sorry but ATOS don't play fair so why should we. You are not lying.
  11. As far as I know if your name is still on the account then I think you are. You need to speak to someone who can offer you advice.
  12. I don't suffer from heart problems, mine are accident injuries but I know how you feel about the rest down to the stomach problems and hernias. So my advice is to write everything down including the toilet issues. They get points and that's what ESA is about - points and points mean benefit! Best bit of advice I was given - never mention a good day or normal one. Base it on a bad day! ATOS only listen the a good or normal day even if you mention bad days. And good luck
  13. Try Crisis loans the number will be on the Internet or speak to CAB or advice service.
  14. I think that is for entering the actual flat/house. If you want to complain speak to CAB or other advice service.
  15. Their argument is that you could always go back to Spain and not stay in the UK. The whole Habitual Resident supposedly means like Mekon stated, proving you are staying for good. Speak to CAB or other advice service ASAP and they might be able to help with the appeal forms.
  16. Contact Environmental Health at the council on Monday for a start. Explain the situation and get them to come out. They will give you some advice/help. Also speak to CAB or other advice service and a solicitor about the lease and possibly breaking it.
  17. Have you actually spoken to anyone about this situation? Like Advice service or solicitor? Your post is a lot easier to read now
  18. Sorry but could you space out the paragraphs and make a few more so it's easier to read. It's currently too condensed. People will want to help but your post is too bunched up and long.
  19. I dealt with a client with nearly the same problem and sadly you aren't entitled to benefits or housing straight away. There are rules and time limits. Hopefully Shelter will be able be able to help or go in and speak to CAB, who will give you the time scale and help available.
  20. There is a Vodafone rep here on the forums so just wait for a more knowledgable member to pop on and give you the details. Hope they can help you
  21. I know someone that this kind of thing happened to - money paid into wrong account. It was rejected straight away and the returned the next working day. This was with Nationwide I think. I think in your case it should be back to your employer within 48 hours. If not go into the branch and speak to the manager.
  22. I'm quite sure the police won't do anything as this is a civil matter. she will have to go to get court to get her stuff back. I think it is called a return of possessions order, google it or search here
  23. Was the deposit protected? If so speak to whoever protected it. If not then you may need to seek advice from CAB or other advice service and get them to check your contract/tenancy.
  24. It's a good idea to keep the last one as a template. Remember you can fill this form in online then save it then print it out to send to DWP, that's what I did. As for CAB, yes we're very stretched but try speaking to them again, they will try and help as much as possible
  25. If you get it done yourself speak to the place you bought if from first to make sure they will pay for it or you will be left with the bill.
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