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  1. Basicaly if the sale went through i would be in a possition to pay the arrears off and have some spare to keep them at bay untill september when i will start full time employment again. But looking at the statement i have for them even if i was keeping up with the payments there is a shortfall of £110 each month so my loan will always get bigger?? Its gone from an origional loan of £40000 to well over £65500???? 15.9%??
  2. Have contacted my solicitor (who has also been dealing with the part release) and she is going to try and get the eviction set aside.
  3. Basically rocco because of the situation i found myself in i had no alternative but to go on benefits to keep my house( I had ppi on the second charge and used that for the first 12 months and have been winging it ever since, my income is less than£ 400 a month between 2 of us and the dog
  4. I have managed to borrow to stay in the house thus far. Basically i live on a farm and wanted to sell some sheds, now they are covered by the charges but the sale does not effect the equity in the house so the first charge agreed but blemain have done everything to draw it out long enough to reposess. Yes there was a suspende possesion order that has now been re implemented after arrears reached certain level( helped by blemain adding nearl £700 for insurance!
  5. If the part release went through then i would get a cash lump to be able to pay the arrears off and hopefully get to september when i will be in full time employment again.
  6. Hi rocco the current arrears are £3500 and change. I have a statement from december and it states a debit of £835 a month is being added labeled an interest charge at 15.9%, but my monthly payments are only £720 so no matter what i do the loan is just getting bigger?
  7. Just need to get the eviction set aside and then i want to try and get them with unfair relationships
  8. Some help filling in the n244 would be great.
  9. Hi guys first of all im a complete noob on this site so please be patient with me! My story is a long complicated one that basically starts back in 2008 when as a last resort i took out a secured loan against my family home( second charge) with the famous Blemain finance to be used as a temporary loan for approx 12 months for a business myself and my ex business partner took over that has since gone bust and left me with a hell of a mess. Now so far i have now been in the process of selling some outbuildings i own to keep up payments on the first mortgage and the second
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