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  1. Hi All, I am wondering if Bankruptcy is the way to go. I currently have about £15000 in unsecured debt and a mortgage with my ex who is still living in the house while I rent elsewhere. The house has a mortgage which is interest only and the mortgage is for approx £105000, there is also a loan secured on the property which is approx £2000 in arrears. The loan amount is £16000. I would say the house is currently worth approx £120000. Would anyone be able to advise what would happen to the house if I was to declare myself bankrupt as I am at my wits end and am unable to cope. My daughter is also living in the house with my ex if that makes any difference. Any advice welcomed please...
  2. Hi There, Am after a little help, My father in law was just made redundant and they are worried about the payments for the car. The bank has stated today that they will not cover the payments as the car is in the Mother in laws name. They have a joint account at the moment. Does that sound right? Any help appreciated. Regards TezViper
  3. Bump Does anyone know if the case will now be closed as 31 days have passed since I filed my defence?? Thanks TezViper
  4. Hi all, I have just checked with MCOL and it has been 30 days since I filed my defence against the claim. Can anyone asdvise if that will now be closed or is it more than 28 days allowed from date of defense being filed. Many Thanks TezViper
  5. Hi All, I wonder if anyone can offer advice. I split from my partner of 8 years about 5 months ago. For the first couple of months we still lived together but that became difficult and I have now moved out into rented property. I have helped with payments to mortgage and the loan since moving out as well as paying maintenace as we have a 3 year old daughter together. She is now on income support and now gets maintenance from me. She wants me to pay half the mortgage and loan but I simply cannot afford to do it. The mortgage is in arrears by about £2000 at the moment as I dont believe she has paid anything since I moved out. Does anyone have any advice relating to this? I am debating writing to the mortgage provider ( Platform ) as my ex has mentioned buying me out ( the house has no equity really, the house value is about the same as the remaining mortgage and the loan value ) It is an interest only mortgage too. I would just like to add that I am supporting my daughter and spending as much time with her as possible. I dont want anyone thinking I have abandoned my family or anything. Many thanks TezViper
  6. Hi all, Rather randomly, I have just had a text on my phone from IQor!! telling my payment is due shortly?? I have ahad a look and this is a tactic that Cabot use!! Does that sound right? Should they be doing that? TezViper
  7. Hi 42Man, Many thanks for your help, aoplogies for the delay in resoponding, I have been without internet for a few days. I have now filed my defence to the claim using some advice given in the thread you directed me too, many thanks for that. Would you recommend I also send them the letter that you set out out? Or should I wait a little while? Many thanks. TezViper
  8. Hi Fox, Many thanks, am hoping to respond to the claim as soon as and file a defence. Just unsure of the wording and how much detail to give. Thanks again. TexViper
  9. Hi All, Does anyone have any suggestions on wording for my defence based on the info I have provided? Many thanks
  10. Hi All, AM planning on responding to the claim tomorrow. POC is as follows ; The Claimant is part of the Cabot financial group and has purchased the debt(s) scheduled below. Despite requests for payment the Defendant has failed to pay the sum of £5914.39 in rekation to the Defendant's Barclays Bank Plc BARCLAYS BANK ACCOUNT number ****** And the claimant claims: the sum of £6204.39 together with interest under section 69 of the county courts act 1984 ; and costs. That is the exact wording, I have just noticed that the account number contains only 6 digits when I am sure it contained 8 but not sure if thats at all relevant. I am going to dispute the whole claim and just wondered what sort of wording I should use if going to take statute barred route, would they then have to prove that it isn't statute barred? I dont think they have given much infp either.# Any advice welcome please Thanks TezViper
  11. Hi Silverfox, Many thanks for the quick response. Am just unsure what to file my defense as and if it will need to go to court, wondering also if CCA request would help! Hopefully someone can advise! TezViper
  12. Hi All, This has kind of crept up on me again. I split from my partner not long after original post and never thought twice about it, anyway I have been given a letter today which was sent to the old house which is basically court papers stating they are chasing the money. I am basically wonder what I should do now. Is it worth me sending a CCA or should I acknowledge the claim and fil defence as it being statute barred??? Any help appreciated and will definately be acting on it. Many thanks
  13. Hi Roty, Many thanks for that, would you recommend a CCA request as well? or would it be best to wait and see what the outcome of this is? Thanks again. TezViper
  14. Hi Guys, I have just had a letter through this morning from Cabot Financial claiming that I owe £6000 from a barclays account. I have not been a barclays customer for a good 10 years now. I am not sure what exactly the debt is but am now a little worried about this. I may call them today but am reluctant to do this as I know what these sort of people are like on the phones. Cqan anyone advise what my first steps should be please? Many Thanks TezViper
  15. Hi All, Not sure if this is the plcae to post but was wondering what banks etc had passed on the recent 1.5% cut. I am with Platform and the so far have heard nothing ( am hoping its just a bit slow ) We saw no benefit from the previous 0.5% cut either. Anyone else have any joy or is anyone else in the same boat? TezViper
  16. Hi all, Going back to the fact that the bailiff listed about £5 worth of furniture in my back garden, can he consider that to be a levy and charged me the van fee etc?? Nothing was signed but am just trying to be sure of where I stand on the fees. Thanks Tezviper
  17. Hi, Thanks for that, I have a guy threatening to force entry tho has never been inside the house and no WPO been signed. Says he is on his way round now. I challenged him last week for trying to charge a levy and van fee when there was no levy. he went straight round mine and wrote down about £5 woth of garden furniture and posted it through my door. then had the cheek to write the time as being 45 mins before our phone conversation!!!!
  18. Hi all, I will be brief, can a bailiff who is collecting council tax debt force entry or do they still have to have gained peaceful entry first??? Thanks
  19. Hi all, Just wondering what will be the next stage for me, I am currently in arrears to them by over £1500. they have passed is to their debt collection division ( or whatever they are called ) i cant afford to pay them what they want up front so wll they try to take me to court? and if they do what will happen? would a judge let me agree a payment plan? Thanks Tezviper
  20. Many thanks for your advice, I will do this and keep you posted. Thanks again. TezViper
  21. Thats just it they have done nothing to help her in any way, they claimed they would call her disabled as it would mean she would be entitled to more time off sick. However they keep harrassing her after every period of absence even tho she warns them in advance of surgery. They also put her on jobs which include heavy lifting while some of the guys are left with the easier jobs, so no they are doing nothing to help her in any way! She just feels she is being victimised and does not agree with being labeled as Disabled in such a way when as far as she is aware she would not be able to claim disability if she was off work although this is something we are considering looking into. Basically as I have been a manager i think the whole thing sucks as they dont document anything and rarely even follow their own procedures following absence! TezViper
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