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  1. Hi a 68 year family friend received a letter from an insurance pension scheme , her late divorced husband had contributed to years ago when they were married.

    Sum is not of a value to convert into a pension but it would help a pensioner on pension credit.

    Problem is document in married name divorced over 30 years ago, now using maiden name. Pension company insist they need decree nisi as proof no longer has document and it appears it costs £65 search fee to much.

    Question is can company insist on this as they are doing now or is there another approach that could be taken?.

    Thank you for any advice

  2. Good morning, thank you Uncle Bulgaria 67 that was the sort of information that I was looking for. Have a good day regards
  3. Hi I'd like to say thanks for the response I do appreciate it but I do think my question has been misunderstood. My question simply is, does anyone know yes or no if ESA payments started pre 2013 before the new legislation was introduced, any investigation and the results of that investigation are dealt with, with the legislation in place pre 2013. Regards
  4. Good morning thank you again for the responses, I may be clutching at straws but something in my brain(Parkinson's brain) says I read or heard that if a claim was started pre 2013 then any action had to be based on the slightly more civilised regulations. As I said I can live in hope.. regards to all. One Little comment I went to my MP on this situation who in a previous administration who had been a Minister in the DWP and she had to constantly refer to her aide for information and that was hit and miss with a lot of I think.
  5. Hi, please if someone could give me advice I would be entirely grateful, I started receiving ESA contributory in the support group 2012 without going into the details last year after a compliance meeting telephone call I was found to have been overpaid since that date, I am going through the appeal stages at the moment preparing paperwork SSCS1A, I was either informed or read it somewhere in my many searches, THE QUESTION IS IF MY PAYMENTS STARTED PRE 2013 DO THEY COME UNDER A DIFFERENT LEGISLATION IF SO HOW WHAT WHERE, IF NOT THANK YOU FOR ANY INFORMATION,
  6. Hi ericsbrother I do not think you are rude I always appreciate advice or information and information, politeness and patience, patience I find very important I have requested quotes from three plumbers for repairs. The information gathered on this new company this gentleman has formed the website lists names organizations they have done work for these same organization might not be too pleased to hear how this gentlemen part owner of this company treats a disabled person (use whatever you have). Never lose your temper always be unfailingly polite and listen and check again. So far I h
  7. Hi ericsbrother, thank you for your reply I understand what you mean about letting this workman back and no after what has happened would not let him return my stipulation " if I can" would be for an independent plumber to do the work. I have checked with CAB re 1982 act and with the other issues, this can be addressed as well. I asked for advice on the Company registration issue because for the moment I do not wish for the company or personal names to be known as yet, CAB would have to react if there was an issue and they know the names, simply put the number they have on their paperw
  8. Hi many thanks for your prompt reply like you i think it is more incompetence, especially from someone who can sit in your home say "I don`t know how I missed that " that being a boiler that had been temporarily condemned a red notice issued by a major power company, go around the house saying I will fix everything before going promising to return, then says i will seal around boiler flue before I go for your safety and so that you an use boiler, does so then has secretary send email he REsealed it as goodwill!!!. As you said incompetence. but thank you again
  9. I`m at present trying to pursue a plumber who had his own company he carried out work in October 2012(using 1982 consumer regulations), this company was dissolved 2014, but plumber started new company, new name with a partner, obviously new company are denying all responsibility and have a proper new registration number at companies house but the company number used on their website and paperwork is for the company previously dissolved, can this help me in any way. Work was on an extension for my disability all our savings used, now find downstairs shower room leaks like a sieve, upstairs bath
  10. Hi citizen B and Sangie 595, thank you for your prompt replies, citizen B yes H&S were involved automatically deemed an accident, hospital was different but in all honesty we cannot sue National Health they apologised, but they do a wonderful job under difficult circumstances it would be like taking my, grannie to court. Sangie 595 thank you again, having searched the internet and looked at the Pension Ombudsman website I think it is very difficult for anyone to get ill health retirement even level 3 which states" if unable to work for a year then you get a larger pension and lump sum
  11. Hi, I am looking for any help in this situation my wife finds herself in please. First my wife has worked for a local authority for nearly 38yrs, part of this period she was not included in the pension fund due to her working part time therefore she does not qualify under the 85 year rule, she is 58yrs. Last year my wife fell at work breaking her femur requiring a rod implant then she fell in hospital (I know), this time she broke wrist badly requiring an op and manipulation. She has been of work for a year and as cook in a unit will not be able work there for a long time if eve
  12. Hi to all this may come as surprise or not but after contacting FENSA, there response is" they are not responsible for window, door fittings etc when they are fitted to an extension of any kind, only responsible for correct fitting and safety to original layout of building i.e as it was built to plan"!!!!, and it is all self certified they do not have inspectors of their own but employ as required. My ribs have cracked:x thanks again for replies
  13. Hi and thank you for replies sorry about delay in reply, builder did look say`s doors will have to be removed and runners replaced(they are 3 large patio French window doors) expensive, builder was given cash to buy them as part of the extension build, fensa do not appear to be interested there duty appears to be safety. many thanks
  14. Please help through a builder carrying out an extension we purchased on his recommendation French window door approx. £4000, 2 years ago, we gave him the money to purchase these, 3 weeks ago doors came of their runners we tried to contact company they had closed, builder says it is not his responsibility and that's that, double glazing company installed door/windows. Is this true? is there anything we can do or approach, any advice greatly appreciated as I am severely disabled and have limited income.
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