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  1. I am in the ESA support group and last had a medical Approx October 2017, I was told It would be two years before I had another one. Now I have just received an ESA 50 form to complete?. Can anyone advise if they have made a mistake? As I expecting it to be towards the end of the year as I’ve only been in the support group 14 months. Do you think they have made a mistake or how long are support group Medical assessments on average please ?.
  2. I am on UC and live in a Housing Association property and I am getting a bit down due to the rent situation that UC creates. Firstly, I obviously had to give notice on my previous residence and as it was more than half a way through the month UC paid my rent at the current (less per week amount) also due to the way they pay Housing Associations (different than UC) there were two weeks rent still owed at the end of my of my previous Tenancy. UC said they would be paying no more to that HA, and said apply for a discretionary housing payment which after applying for one was refused as
  3. Thanks for the reply but I can’t understand how they work out the payment?. In weeks one and two of this assessment period I was living at the address as they have paid for the previous two months I tell them I’ve moved so they have full knowledge of these facts why can’t they just pay the amount required, if you don’t live at address B for the full month and spend half of it at address A are you saying they will pay the full assessment period at the address B level and totally disregard the fact you lived at address A please?. What is your advice please with regard to any future po
  4. Can anyone advise about moving house half way through the assessment period please?, how does this work?. UC have been paying the HA my rent segment direct but they are behind by Approx 7 weeks rent payments. This system seems crazy to me, they said I was entitled to Rent from the 23/7//2018 but the first payment of rent only was paid to the HA on 14th September 2018?. At that time they were still significantly in arrears with the account. If you move house in the middle of a UC assessment phase will they pay the rent for example as follows Week one and two of assessment phas
  5. Can anyone answer this please?, I am on UC and wish to move house but have to provide 4 weeks notice to my HA, is there anything that is in provision to help with paying rent at two properties if you move house before your 4 weeks notice Is up. I cannot find anything online at all about this and if there is any overlap rent provision in the UC framework. Thanks
  6. Apolgies in advance as I’m a little shaky and upset due to what is turning out to be a complete shambles with UC. I was on ESA which was paid in arrears up till the 25th July 2018, I went in to report a change of circumstances on that date as you have to. My ESA was paid in arrears of two weeks and was released to my bank on the day before my UC claim began and was available on the day after being Thursday 26th July 2018 . I have just got my first UC statement and it says that I have had over £400 in ESA within the claim period ( worked on by multiplying your weekly payment by weeks
  7. I have recently (well still in the process of assessment) had to go on Universal Credit due to moving into an area where they have rolled it out in the past two months. I was on Income related ESA in the support group and was told when reporting my change of address that I would have to claim the new benefit. As mentioned I am still in the 4 weeks and 1 week assessment phase. The property I have moved into is incredibly small and it is affecting my condition due to feeling claustrophobic, consequently I am considering moving house again out of the area to another region where UC isn’t ev
  8. Sorry I do have a habit of that apologies anyways thanks
  9. Thanks for your help on this I appreciate it and the other posters valued comments , I’ll put all my documents away and try to forget about it until something else comes in the post. As you rightly say it’s a numbers game and they obviously have an understanding that certain members of the population are more likely to become worried and reply and others just file it in the bin and get on with their lives. Obviously if I read something else with specifics which I can readily relate to and identify with as me I’ll come back and let you know, if you can stand my wittering!!.
  10. I have looked through all my paperwork and cannot see a single thing outstanding, this is very puzzling but I’m the type who doesn’t like letters without explaination of what they wish to discuss - “ our client “ doesn’t sit well with anyone I’m sure. Why they don’t just spill out the facts is beyond me?, I once got a letter for a previous person who lived at my property saying they owed money ( stated amount in £££ ) I had to deal with people knocking on my door asking for this person on a regular basis - no wonder I’m anxious I don’t want the same happening to me. I would have appreciated
  11. Can I ask then why don’t these companies specify on the initial letter “Mr Jones you owe so and so £500?, you haven’t paid it we have took over the retrieval of said amount?”. As I say I have just joined the electoral roll have a rare name which leads me to think it must be me they wish to contact?. Why not just come out with it In this letter rather than scaring people and making them worry. Surely it would be better to say we think it’s you if it isn’t you then phone us. I just don’t get why they cannot be specific and lay their cards on the table stating the facts?.
  12. Can I finally ask please what are you thoughts on this point?, if you have moved house over the years ( as I have done in my work ) is the following. Comment meaning that a debt isn’t statute barred due to the debt chaser not being able to contact you , thanks for all your help who have helped I’ll do as you say . Creditors aren’t allowed to keep chasing a debt that is statute barred if they haven’t been in touch with you at all during the six year limitation period, but they can keep asking you for payments if they’ve been in regular contact. If you’ve changed address without telling th
  13. I have read a lot since last night as it doesn’t say anything specific in this letter these people have sent to me obviously I am concerned as to what it is as it’s on my mind a lot, I do suffer with anxiety and mental health issues and such things mess with my mind and have done since yesterday. I am confused about this 6 year law mentioned in post 8?. As I have said I have t had any debt for more years than I care to remember but am unsure if this 6 year statute qualifies to everything?. I have read this morning on another site that these debt collection agencies can
  14. Thanks for the advice I’ll wait till the next letter comes . And not try to worry too much !.
  15. I appreciate what you say what can they do to someone who they have contacted who does owe someone something in years gone by ?. Whether that’s me or some other person. Say I did owe someone something 10 years ago and have forgotten it what can these DCAs do?. They must have a way of getting money off people or they wouldn’t be in business?.
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