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  1. Love how she used the word defence as if she has any kind of standing in the legal system.


    Silly 'woman'.


    hi renegadeimp and everyone else who replied ...yes the letter does actually say it is classed as a defense so they have advised Tesco to drop the matter...can't believe that they actually look through these kinds of forums! Is that really how they find out who's who!? Sort of makes me feel like were being spied on and makes me more aware of what i actually post online! I did worry that they had somehow got access to my personal info that i used when signing up,relieved to hear actually that this isn't the case

    i would really like to thank everyone who took time to reply and help during this ordeal

    will that actually be the last i hear from it now do you think?
  2. Have you heard from RLP yet ?


    hello...update...i received a letter on 28th march saying i had to pay £89.20 "due to my actions" and today i have received another basically saying that they know ive been on an internet forum and stated that it was a mistake and in light of this info being classed as a defense,they have advised their client to drop the case and wish me to ignore the first letter...im happy with this because it was a genuine mistake in the first place,but i must admit im a bit freaked out that they know it was me on here? Can anybody shed any light on how they came to know this?
  3. Hello all,sorry to be a pain but I'm now sitting here with the thought going through my mind of the days events,I think the reality of what happened is now hitting me and I'm plaguing my mind with the thought of will all of the staff know about this? Thing is,my friends relative works in there and obviously I don't want the shame of people knowing about this...will Tesco tell all their staff about people they have banned or is it just the security people that know the details of this? I'm upset aswell as I know how it looks but I honestly did make a mistake and just feel mortified by the whole thing now :-( sorry to go on...

  4. Hi

    Just to be absolutely clear, the only way a bailiff could get involved is if Tesco took you to court. They won't as it is not in their interest to do so.


    RLP cannot take court action independently of Tesco.


    After a retailer and RLP got a massivbe slapping in a fully defended claim at Oxford court, we have heard of no other cases being taken. In fact, if you were to visit the RLP website, the last case listed there is July 2012.


    These letters are staying just this side of harassment (IMO) as they don't state what 'WILL' happen, only ambiguous statements containing 'may', 'could' 'might' and 'recommend'.


    I did in fact notice that their successful cases were no more recent than 2012 now I see why!...so I am correct in thinking that I need to completely ignore any letters they send regardless of how threatening they seem? How long roughly does it take for them to give up trying to make you pay? From what I can gather reading here,around 6 months is the usual timescale?

  5. At the time of writing you have only looked at this thread. It would serve you well to read other threads in this forum about RLP.


    You will very quickly get the idea of what they are about.




    Hello...I've had a quick look around based on your advice,and reading threads on here it has put my mind at rest some what...I also looked at rlp website which I have to say looks pretty scary when you read the section regarding what will happen if you don't pay...according to their website,they can ultimately send county court bailiffs to your home? Is this a possibility? ...they also mention people taking advice from a consumer website (this one?) and strongly advise against it as the people who have ended up paying more in the long run


    I'm new to all this,so just want to be sure I'm doing the right thing before ignoring their letters...reading threads on here though seems to suggest that it's the way to go,are they just scare tactics on the rlp Site?


    Thanks again for the help I really appreciate it

  6. Hi all, I'm looking for some advice...went shopping this morning at Tesco and as I got my trolley I put my handbag in there


    Got some shopping,about £40 worth and was about to make my way to the checkout when I thought I'd look for some makeup as I'm going out this weekend.


    I decided to get a lipstick and put it in the trolley then made my way back to the checkout when I bumped into someone and stood talking for ten minutes or so


    Went to the checkout put all my shopping on the belt,paid and left.


    I'd just got outside when two security guards shouted excuse me have you any items you haven't paid for? To which I said no..he asked for my receipt which I showed him and then asked me to come back in,at this point it dawned on me that I had picked up the lipstick last minute and didn't recall putting it on the belt


    They marched me through to the back room and asked me to remove my bags from the trolley where the lipstick was under my handbag,at this point I was close to tears and tried to explain it was a genuine mistake and offered to pay right away but they didn't acknowledge what I was saying and asked me to wait there,left the room and comeback 15 min later asking if I had any identity on me,I said my bank card,gave it him and again apologized and offered to pay for the lipstick,again he ignored me.


    I then said what's going to happen will the police be called? He said no you're lucky the value of goods was under £10 meaning we can issue you with a bang from store fir 12 months and you'll get a fine through the post


    He gave me a sheet explaining the ban and a sheet from rlp saying my info might be shared with third parties and that I will have to pay for the goods plus a fine...I wasn't asked to sign anything


    I'm really worried about what will happen next,feel ashamed and also angry that it was a genuine oversight and I never meant to steal anything but wasn't allowed to try and explain myself


    Please help,will I have to pay a massive fine? Will the police get involved?

  7. Hello im new here and looking for some advice regarding an overpayment i have with the dwp.


    I owe them £5000 as i stupidly didnt declare that my partner and myself had reconciled and he had moved in with me I had an interview under caution and subsequently appeared at magistrates court and was fined and given unpaid work. Regarding the overpayment,i agreed to repay at £70 pm with dwp directly (there was no order by the court to repay it was an agreement between myself and dwp) before anyone judges me i have well and truly learned from this and would never be so stupid again but at the time i was struggling very badly financially and my partner could not find work i know its no excuse but please dont judge me.


    my partner is now in work although its a minimum wage job and we are finding it difficult to keep up with the repayments to dwp an top of all our other outgoings rent council tax etc etc i have phoned dwp to try and get the repayments reduced but they said no they cant do this


    the next payment is due this week and we just dont have the money for the direct debit in the bank so i wanted some advice on what would happen if i cancelled the DD would they take me to court to recover the money? can i be sent to prison if i cant pay? i was thinking if i cancelled and then wrote a letter explaining my circumstances and if they agreed to lower repayments i would then re instate the DD would this be possible without going back to court?


    I really dont want any further trouble with them but really cant afford what they are taking at the moment

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