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  1. hi renegadeimp and everyone else who replied ...yes the letter does actually say it is classed as a defense so they have advised Tesco to drop the matter...can't believe that they actually look through these kinds of forums! Is that really how they find out who's who!? Sort of makes me feel like were being spied on and makes me more aware of what i actually post online! I did worry that they had somehow got access to my personal info that i used when signing up,relieved to hear actually that this isn't the case i would really like to thank everyone who took time to reply and help during this
  2. hello...update...i received a letter on 28th march saying i had to pay £89.20 "due to my actions" and today i have received another basically saying that they know ive been on an internet forum and stated that it was a mistake and in light of this info being classed as a defense,they have advised their client to drop the case and wish me to ignore the first letter...im happy with this because it was a genuine mistake in the first place,but i must admit im a bit freaked out that they know it was me on here? Can anybody shed any light on how they came to know this?
  3. Hello all,sorry to be a pain but I'm now sitting here with the thought going through my mind of the days events,I think the reality of what happened is now hitting me and I'm plaguing my mind with the thought of will all of the staff know about this? Thing is,my friends relative works in there and obviously I don't want the shame of people knowing about this...will Tesco tell all their staff about people they have banned or is it just the security people that know the details of this? I'm upset aswell as I know how it looks but I honestly did make a mistake and just feel mortified by the whole
  4. Hi pawsforthought...is it best to reply to their first letter with the one liner then as opposed to ignoring it all together? I take it they don't give up too easily then going off your experience!
  5. Thank you silverfox, I just wanted to be clear that I won't cause myself any more trouble by ignoring the letters from rlp...I will certainly be taking all the advice I've been given here as I said earlier and can't express how thankful I am for everybody's kindness,I feel much much better about the whole thing now I will continue to update you all...thank you once again
  6. One more question siverfox...is there any possibility that Tesco would take me to court if I did ignore the letters? Thanks in advance
  7. I did in fact notice that their successful cases were no more recent than 2012 now I see why!...so I am correct in thinking that I need to completely ignore any letters they send regardless of how threatening they seem? How long roughly does it take for them to give up trying to make you pay? From what I can gather reading here,around 6 months is the usual timescale?
  8. Thank you for the heads up,I'll be sure to remove any details before posting
  9. Renegadeimp,thanks so much...really can't believe that these people can use tactics like this! Thank goodness for sites like this I've done some more reading on here of some ofvthe threads regarding rlp and I am definitely going to take the advice from here...I will update as and when I receive any letters...thanks again
  10. @pawsforthought...thank you very much I will look at your posts...feeling much better after posting here
  11. @renegadeimp...as mentioned their site suggests that they can get bailiffs involved for non payment..is this wrong?
  12. @renegadeimp...thank you so much for your reply,the security guard made it sound like I'll be receiving a demand for a big fine and if I don't pay up immediately the police will be the other option...he said apparently they recover costs incurred for the time they've wasted to deal with me aswell so I can mount up?
  13. Hi all, I'm looking for some advice...went shopping this morning at Tesco and as I got my trolley I put my handbag in there Got some shopping,about £40 worth and was about to make my way to the checkout when I thought I'd look for some makeup as I'm going out this weekend. I decided to get a lipstick and put it in the trolley then made my way back to the checkout when I bumped into someone and stood talking for ten minutes or so Went to the checkout put all my shopping on the belt,paid and left. I'd just got outside when two security guards shouted excuse me have you any it
  14. hi brigadier thanks for replying.....i am dealing with debt management but they seem very inflexible to lower the repayments...would it be possible to cancel the DD then until i have sent off a letter detailing my financial situation?
  15. Hello im new here and looking for some advice regarding an overpayment i have with the dwp. I owe them £5000 as i stupidly didnt declare that my partner and myself had reconciled and he had moved in with me I had an interview under caution and subsequently appeared at magistrates court and was fined and given unpaid work. Regarding the overpayment,i agreed to repay at £70 pm with dwp directly (there was no order by the court to repay it was an agreement between myself and dwp) before anyone judges me i have well and truly learned from this and would never be so stupid again but at
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