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  1. I am very relieved and at least I can properly settle now & hopefully sleep tonight. It was the claimants court bundle that was missing, he had all my defence information.
  2. Good news the possession order was suspended. I was very lucky that a lady from the CAB was there so she did all the defence for me. She even got the repayment amount reduced. I just sat in a box and only briefly spoke to the Judge. The hearing did go on for a while as the claimant didn’t have clear figures of what the repayment amount was. The Judge also had no court bundle which he wants impressed with. Thank you again for your support & help, I wouldn’t have been so in the know without you all.
  3. Thanks for all your advice & support it really is appreciated. I will be attending court tomorrow despite feeling unwell still. Fingers crossed
  4. Thanks for that link it was very useful. All the documents have now been submitted.
  5. A quick question If the court are asking you to only arrive 15 mins ( I assume because of Covid) before the hearing will I get chance to speak to a duty legal advisor if there is one available. The council have also written to offer me any advice with housing & advice prior to court, is it worth speaking to them? I know I’m panicking about all this but I do feel alone with it all.
  6. Hi, I really need some help & advice. Is there anyway I can postpone the hearing as my GP has just signed me off work until Xmas day due to this illness. If things don’t improve drastically there is no way I will be able to attend court feeling like this. Any suggestions?
  7. I have asked if I can email the information but no one has got back to me yet
  8. Hi, Unfortunately not yet as I have been really ill since last Thursday. I hope to get it there tomorrow or Thursday.
  9. Thanks so much. I’ve said it before but I really do appreciate all the help, support & advice.
  10. Thanks so much for your comments & support. I’m just nervous about the whole thing.
  11. I also noted from the court bundle they have written to my council & the secured loan company, I assume this is standard practice. Also interesting that there is nothing in the court bundle about the repayment plan in place and that it has been stuck to since arranged.
  12. Will do thanks. I’ve just received a court bundle from Aberdein Considine. The covering letter mentions making payments to the account (see attached) Is there a reason they have written this when I already have an arrangement in place. Is it worth talking to Santander? Letter AC 03.12.2021.docx
  13. Thanks Ell-enn I really do appreciate all your help with this.
  14. Hi, no problem. The arrears were due to my husband suffering mental health issues and not being able to work, so we only had one income. Our boiler also had to be replaced which put us under huge financial strain.
  15. Ok thanks for the heads on the court date. Below are my answers to your questions: Is the mortgage in joint names or just you own ? Just my name Are there any children living in the property ? No How long has the mortgage left to run ? 3 years & 8 months How long has the agreement to repay the arrears been running ? 4 months Do you have written confirmation of the repayment arrangement? Yes from Aberdein Considine
  16. I thought it was unusual too. Yes I do have access to a printer & also can edit word documents. I have emailed the court to ask if they can change the date of the hearing as I’m supposed to be at another office on the 20th & 21st for work. I did call twice but no one answered.
  17. Yes I got the notification from the court but there was definitely no defence form included it was only 2 pages, one with the notification & one with what to next.
  18. Hi, thanks for replying. Your help would be really appreciated. The arrears are 4 months worth of payments. I haven’t received the defence form as yet.
  19. I was intending to go as I realise it is important. I don’t understand either. The arrears are £1,609 and I have made all the repayments since the arrangement was made. The repayment plan includes my usual mortgage payment & roughly £60 towards the arrears every month. Aberdein Considine have stated that because the time limit had expired to get a repayment plan in place they have been instructed by Santander to carry on with the court proceedings.
  20. I went through my finances last year with National Debt Line and sorted out some money concerns. I don’t have anything with any DCAs, just mortgage & council tax arrears to deal with.
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