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  1. This is going to be possibly a long thread. Not what I anticipated. Complaint was sent. Meter readings were corrected and presented to Spark Energy via e-mail, with a forwarded copy of the original documentation supplied by my estate agents as to what those readings were which they took themselves. The final meter reading was inaccurate by a long shot as it was estimated not actual readings that made it to the final bill as final readings under them. They anticipated that had I stayed with them and according to their final bill to me that I would use £1,638 of electricity under their so
  2. I'm NOT concerned about DCA, I'm not concerned about the bill not being paid because it's still under dispute. Let me clarify the matter. They are aware the bill is incorrect, they are attempting to fix the situation unfairly by assuming I will have used the same amount of electricity during the relatively warmer month of March LAST year, as they think I might be doing of January or early Feb THIS year. I can be quite certain of the fact I used nowhere near as much electricity last year for March as I have been doing in Feb this year - especially with an increase in cold weather! I refer
  3. Hi folks...this is my first time posting anything of this kind of nature so I hope I don't say wrong things or cause concern where it's not really warranted. This is my situation, and I am not positively fed up to the back teeth of it. I'd not had any kind of problem such as this with any other energy providers so I am at a loss on how best to deal with this situation hence seeking guidance here. I started renting my current property back in March 12th of last year. I was informed by my first bill that my energy was being provided by Spark Energy. For one month's elect
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