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  1. I am a trade union memeber however I have joined a little late.....almost like trying to get house insurance while your house is on fire! so they cant represent me at all only offer minimal advice Its within the financial sector...its a very well know company and ironically in the times top 100 companies to work for
  2. Thank you for the response. I believe it is just me he treats like this, I have made some notes of dates/times when these instances have occured there is no anti bullying policy in place. what I would say is given his seniority in the company it most certaintly feels like the company are offering him more support than I. many people have said I should take a case like this public given they would most likely compensate me to effectively keep my mouth shut- would this be an option. I have been paid through out my suspension however it has almost come to a case where I feel I can n
  3. Hi all, Firstly thank you for reading and thank you for any help or assistance you can offer! I've been having a very tough time at work most recently which has lead to depression and me basically wanting to leave...after all my health is more important than my job. its a shame since I've worked for the company for over 3 years...worked my way up from Graduate level to a fairly senior position. Prior to this I loved my job and the company is a well known operates throughtout the UK. Firstly I have had ongoing 'issues' with my boss for some reason he has a dislikely to me..
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