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  1. Thanks OC and HC. I can't argue that I had a valid ticket, as I was buying my new weekly when I was stopped. It just seems odd that Arriva would not want to discourage payment on trains, or at destination stations, at the time it occurs for people that can pay at their station. [and yes, I can see they are obviously looking to discourage it now through taking the action they have]. But if a guard/inspector had just said once over the last few years 'You mustn't buy on the train in future. You need to use your ticket office or you may be prosecuted' that would have been enough for me not to
  2. Thanks for your thoughts dx, MrGates and Old-CodJA. In answer to your questions MrGates, I get on at Penarth (it has a ticket office) and the journey takes a about 20 mins. Obviously following this incident, I'm aware that I should only start my journey with a valid ticket before departure. I suppose I'm just finding it odd that they are even considering prosecuting for fare evasion in whatever form, when there is no way to evade paying for my journey; There are always several staff prior to the automatic barriers to pay at normal commuting times (taking fares from all local st
  3. Hi, Thanks in advance for taking the time to read/respond to my post. I have just been sent a letter from Transport Investigations Ltd for travel with no valid ticket. Looks like there's a lot of people in a similar postion from other posts on here (and elsewhere). The letter states that they are considering prosecuting me under the the Railway Byelaws (2005) or Regulation of Railways Act (1889), and that I have to get back to them soon in writing with any mitigation I wish to be considered. Detail: The letter related to when I was stopped from buying my usual
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