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  1. This is absolutely ludicrous! I can barely afford to make ends meet, and from suggestions being made, I may potentially also have a legal bill at the end!?It is highly likely that the claim will be settled 50/50, even though I have sent the insurers pictures of her cars rear bumper post ‘accident’, which proves there was no damage to her car and thus no grounds to claim whiplash injury on. And also provided an eye witness statement who saw the ‘incident’, where she clearly reversed into MY car which was stationary.Having read the above, I have no doubt in my mind that the my so-called insurance company will try to worm their way out of paying by voiding my insurance, leaving me to face the music!I need an immediate resolution to this, Surely they cannot just leave me in a lurch like this by swiftly making up an excuse and cancelling my policy, even though it may have some strength.Also, given the evidence I have supplied to the insurers, should this not be suffice for the claim to be settled in my favour??Really appreciate the help.
  2. Thank you all for your recent responses.If I am understanding this correctly, I (the policy holder) require for the policy to be in the same name as the registered keeper in order to be 'legally' insured? Bit ludricrous!If I was looking at this case as an outsider, I wouldnt automatically assume that there is an attempt here to defraud the insurance company, as if this was the case then the insurance policy address would be that of Oxford, as clearly it would be cheaper than Londons!? It just so happens that the DVLA records werent switched over to my name when I bought the vehicle from my cousin bro in Oxford, nothing deliberate or sinister - just bad memory! So the car remained in his name...and I completely forgot about it at the time of taking out the policy. Besides I was under the impression that registered keeper/policy holder didnt need to match..All sounds very scary now, because the 'claim' is most likely going to settle 50/50 (as opposed to me winning it outright)... as both parties are denying liability. What would happen in this scenario??
  3. Hello All, I recently received a letter from my insurance company saying my Insurance is becoming void due to the Insurance policy holder and the registered keeper of the vehicle being two different people at two different addresses. The insurance co. ran a DVLA search and found that the Registered vehicle keeper(my cousin brother) lives in Guildford, and the Insurance policy holder (Me) is in London. This information, however, is correct and there is/was a legitimate reason for having two separate addresses, and it wasn't to defraud the insurance company. However, The major concern I am having is that there is an ongoing claim with the insurance company - A few months back a a lady reversed into my car at parking speed while I was standstill, although NOT my fault the driver then had the audacity to claim against me saying I hit her from the rear and as a result gave her whiplash injuries (utter bulls***). Anyway, because it's My word against Hers, there is a possibilitythat she maybe successful (i.e. she has also faked a witness)...... IF my insurance is voided and she is successful in her claim, then this technically would mean that I was uninsured at the time of the incident, So therefore, does this then mean the liability is on my head personally??? I.e. Do I have to pay up?? Sleepless nights galore. Please help. Thanks! John
  4. I'll have a look. Though i am not hopeful. Any other suggestions anyone???
  5. I want to be completely open with my Insurance company, however because I am starting to believe that they are seeking a 'way out' from Insuring me due to the recent accident, it will only provide them ammunition to cancel my insurance policy. Although this may not be the case, and they have just randomly done a search on the vehicle against the ever more accessible DVLA systems, and they have found this discrepancy.... I don't know what their motive is here? (If any) Can I not argue that it is NOT illegal to have differing registered keeper to main policy holder?? or is it dependent on the insurance company themselves?
  6. Never heard of which part? I also forgot to state, that in the letter that they have sent me.... they are asking me to send them all my details i.e. driving licence, log book, and also asking me to verify the reasons behind why use my vehicle, access to other vehicles etc. So basically, they are asking me to verify the details which I would've provided them on inception of the policyholder. It almost seems like they are trying to catch me out.....
  7. No - The RK is not on the insurance policy. There is a genuine reason as to why the RK and PH (policyholder) are two different parties, and it's definitely NOT to defraud the Insurance company (If this was the case then the I would've been insured at the Oxford address).
  8. Hi Guys I was involved in an accident a couple of months back, where a lady driver reversed into my parked car. We exchanged details etc, but a few weeks later I got a letter from my Insurance company suggesting that the 3rd party driver is claiming the accident was my fault and that she is also pursuing a PI claim (Typical opportunist)! The investigations are ongoing and I have defended my case, providing my insurance company with pictures of her vehicle etc. and so far it is my word against hers... However, yesterday I received a letter from my insurance company saying that my insurance is in doubt and could be voided, due to them recently finding , via DVLA, out that my car's registered keeper and the main insurance policy holder are two different people. i.e. Registered keeper lives in Oxford, and Main Insurance policyholder (Me) lives in London. They are correct. The registered keeper is my Cousin brother in Oxford. BUT, does having registered keeper and policyholder as 2 different people void my insurance??? That is my Question! and why did they search now?? My suspicion is that they are trying to worm their way out of 'paying out' on the claim on the above recent accident!!!! and this would be a real concern, as not only will they void my insurance and I will not get my insurance money back, but also in the event that the ongoing accident claim settles n Her favour (e.g. if she produces fake witnesses etc) then does this mean that I wasn't insured at time of accident and therefore could become a police/court matter??? Please Help, I am really worried! Advice required!!!!! John
  9. Thanks. My first thought was the police, but then as the vehicle is parked on a public road and UNINSURED (as I just did a MID check on the vehicle) I dont want the police involved, as it may become a wider issue. I have the V5c slip, and the receipt that was exchanged containing car and owner details. I have phoned bailiff and he is being a right idiot. He said he cannot do anything until a)someone pays the outstanding fine of £670, or b) I provide them the 5 forms of documents they have requested!!
  10. I bought a car from a guy locally about 1 week ago and I got to my car this morning and my car had been clapmed on the front wheel!!!! I phoned the bailiff number on the car and got through to the bailiff. He informed me that there's outstanding parking tickets on the car by the previous owner, however they can release the clamp off the vehicle providing that I fax them 5 documents to their headoffice which include; log book, insurance details and cert, transaction flow of funds, car sold receipt and one other doc..... I haven't received the new logbook yet but I have the V5c and the Paper receipt he made as proof of car sale..... However I personally havent insured the car yet as I am still looking for cheap quotes!! Though the car is still insured by The previous owner as he said no point cancelling insurance as it's expring in a few days time from today. What can I do to get this resolved?? They will be towing my car away in the next hour or so....!!!
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