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  1. Auto Money have ceased trading / started winding down in the UK haven't they after extreme losses. I would not worry
  2. Damn right, it looks like the desperate throes of a mislead American UK investment. What made the Yankee fools think it was anything beyond bonfire night.
  3. For the reason I noted Caro - the petition has zero merit or tangible benefit to the CAG "community"
  4. 111 signatures /petitioners A sad reflection of the selfish, the apathetic but above all reflecting the pragmatic.
  5. Try paying for a full Hpi check including asset finance register and ask Hpi to confirm when Hermes registered its interest in the vehicle. Do not be conned by Car Data Check, Text Check, My car Check etc or any of the other apparently cheaper providers. If the finance really isn't registered then you can re-state your case. The rest of your arguments are irrelevant in terms of ownership of the vehicle.
  6. Katie, I suggest you try to reach a suitable agreement with the sole trader to settle or you apply for a straightforward county court application for the agreement to be declared unenforceable.
  7. All due respect, but the above well intentioned advice is absolute nonsense. Get some free but qualified advice,CAB, see if this Car Crashpoint business is part of a trade association - if it is then the association will usually have a dispute or complaints procedure which will be close to being independent.
  8. Best bet is directly to the owner:evi Robert Reich President & CEO at Community Loans of America Greater Atlanta Area Financial Services Phone: (770) 552-9
  9. Tinsel You should first of all approach the lender for an answer, before you get carried away, I should know. Last time I got a nice payoff/discount due to LogBook Loans tactics
  10. I suggest you check all your original paperwork if you still have it. You will be amazed what these people get up to. You literally would not believe it. These guys probably smooth talk you but hide some of the charges. I' m suggesting PPI - if they sold you Pavement Protection Insurance or something similar (probably hidden in the small print) etc at the time you took the loan out, that should stop the bailiff from knocking your door or our nosey neighbours. I will be interested to hear if any other Members find sucha PPI premium in thier contracts, it is almost unbelievable, not mentioned by the Agent when he calls but charged for all the same!
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