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  1. Thanks for your help. I didn't think they could withhold money for hours I have already worked and I understand that I'm not going to be paid onwards of when I left. I have made that clear to my employer, I would not expect this in any case. As I have already secured employment elsewhere I do not need a reference from them so I'm not sure what else they can do if I do not fulfil my notice period. I can't see it being in their interests to sue me...I can't see it being financially viable for them?
  2. Hello, I'm looking for some advice regarding breach of contract on my part during my notice period. I resigned from my current position last Monday and was prepared to work the full months notice as per my written statement of employment. Thursday, following an uncomfortable few days I decided to discuss with my employer the possibility of leaving earlier than originally stated. They did nothing to discuss this with me nor offer any solution so I left. In hindsight this wasn't the best move but I am much happier. I am aware that onwards of Friday my employer is not going to pay
  3. Hi. Thanks for your help. I have spoken to the FOS and they are unable to help with my complaint as when i signed th agreement it was proir to 2005. They put me in touch with the FLA but I cannot get an answer from them, I have left several messages on an answer machine but to no avail. Anyone got any other suggestions other than court action?
  4. I contaced the OP insurer but they are disputing liability for the accident and therefore not able to deal directly with me? I tried to speak with the dealer but as i bought the car more than 8 years ago they cannot confirm! Still not heard from either insurance company....
  5. I'm glad you got a response from Creation. I wrote to them in Sptember and complained about the PPI attached to a loan. I got a standard non commital reply but they did agree to cancel the insurance and refund the premiums from the date of my first letter...never heard another word from them! I'm not sure where to go from here, if i call them and manage to speak to someone, they say my complaint is bing dealt with and they are not able to discuss it with me. Plus, Creation were not regulated by the FSA when i took out the loan and are therefore being very unwilling to help. In
  6. Hi, I was wondering, have you had any reply from these people? I am having HUGE difficulty getting them to respond to any of my requests. Even when I call I get put on hold then hung up on!! Thanks
  7. Thanks for the reply, I did buy the car second hand, it was 2 years old and had one previous owner before me. It is possible that it could have been modified before I bought it but I was not told so by the main dealer. I am getting nowhere fast with this company...I have had to re-open the claim whilst the liability issue is sorted out.
  8. I was in Tesco petrol station when someone crashed into the side of my car. The TP appologised to me and my boyfriend and admitted she didn't look properly before pulling away from the pump. I contacted my insurance co to notify them of the incident as did the TP. Since then my car has been assessed by my insurance companies engineer who has reported that the car "appears" to have had the suspension modified. I have owned the car since 2001 and never had any adjustments made to the car. Because of this, the insurance company want me to pay an additional £121 premium and have inc
  9. Hi Everyone, I have been in correspondance with Creation Consumer Finance regarding an hp agreement and the PPI connected to it. I believe the policy was mis-sold as I didn't realise I had it and it was only when I came across the paperwork i noticed, also I have a pre-existing medical condition which would not have been covered in the event of a claim. I have written to them and had the usual "We believe you had all the correct information at the time....etc" so I replied with a letter before action, they have not acknowledged this letter and time is up! Becasue I signed the a
  10. I spoke to the FOS today who have told me that they have no details of Creation and that they are unlikely to have been regulated by the GISC as they have no record of them. I have since found out that they are a memeber of the CCTA (consumer credit trade association) but i don't know much about them. Is it possible to reclaim from a company which was not regulated, or am i misunderstanding something along the way? Thanks
  11. Hi Magic, I have an issue with PPI on an account i hold with Creation, I wont bore you with the details but one point which concerns me is that Creation were not regulated by the FSA when the policy was administered in 2004. Do you know who they were regulated by prior to the FSA or in fact how i may find out. I think it was the FLA but i want to be 100%. Thanks MC
  12. Hi Thanks for your reply, there is alot there for me to get started on. The £15ish they are offering to refund is for one months premium from the date of my inital letter not the whole amount, the loan was for £600 and they added a £280.05 PPI premuim on to this, subsequently I have been paying interest on this as you will know. I think to date I have paid in the region of £600.
  13. Hi Could anyone help me with a letter I have had from Creation in reply to my request to cancel and refund my PPI. In the letter Creation say that the policy was sold to me on a 'non-advisory basis' and as the policy is 'systematically generated, the salesperson is not required to determine the suitability of the policy for my needs'. Furthermore they say that the policy, which was purchased in 2004, is outside the scope of the FOS as it was bought prior to the FSA regulations. Is this true? Creation have however cancelled my policy with effect of my initial letter and a
  14. Hi HHNF I am challenging CF atm and yesterday got an unpleasant, unhelpful and, quite frankly, rude reply from them. I have asked for a refund for an insurance policy i was mis-sold in connection with my TV. They are trying to tell me that the policy was sold on a 'non-advisory' basis, i'm not sure what they mean by this. I don't have the letter with me at present but i'll post some of the comments later and maybe you can help me? Thanks and well done! MC
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