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  1. Hi, I tried to look to see if I had paid on that date on internet banking but it doesn't go back that far. I have always kept hard copy statements so I will have to search through all of that. I am flying out of the country for a funeral tonight and will only be returning the day before the mediation telephone appointment so will have to get all the paperwork sorted then. I will see what I can dig out and let you guys know what I have available. Thank you.
  2. Hi Andy, No i'm not in Scotland! where does that leave me now?
  3. I submitted my mediation reply form yesterday and within a couple of hours I got an email back with a telephone appointment for two weeks time. When I returned home yesterday I had received a letter (dated 13/06/12) from AG responding to my second CPR 18 request (sent 11/05/12) it read; "Please be advised, we confirm the following in relation to this matter: -The outstanding balance relates to charges incurred on the mobile number 0**** ******, which was activated on 18/05/2005. The mobile was disconnected from the network and the account closed for non payment 18/05/2006. -Th
  4. Ok, thanks guys, I will try the mediation route first. Failing that I guess it's off to court I go! I read that I do not have to attend but should advise the court at least 7 days prior to the hearing, if I decide to do this (hard to get time off work) will I still be able to send in the information that you have told me to collect citizenB or will they only accept the defence I have already submitted? Regards.
  5. Hello, Haven't been on for a while as I had heard nothing since the court replied acknowledging my letter to advise of the change of solicitor until yesterday when I received a 'Notice of allocation to the small claims track (Hearing)'. It basically explains that the judge considers my case suitable for mediation and that I am invited to use the the small claims mediation service alternatively if I do not wish to use the mediation service a hearing has been arranged. Help..... I don't know what to do?! F.Y.I I sent another recorded delivery CPR18 letter to AG about 4 or 5 weeks
  6. Ok so now I am confused, I just called the court to confirm the correspondence address and they advised that Bryan Carter are the solicitors, I informed them that I had received a letter both from BC and Arrow Global confirming that BC were no longer representing and the claim had been referred back to AG. The court insist that they have not been made aware of these changes!
  7. The due date is 08/05/2012 so I will send today with the other information added. There is a section which i'm not sure about, it says; "Would you like to use the free small claims mediation service provided by HM courts & Tribunals service, to help you settle your claim with the other party?" I'm guessing I should put no but just wanted to double check Will I actually need to go to court or will the court use the information I provided about the claim being statute barred and request evidence from the claimant?
  8. Hi CitizenB, The Correspondence address is: Belvedere, 12 Booth Street, Manchester, M2 4AW and the registered office is La Plaiderie House, La Plaiderie, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1WG. I have attached my original letter. Should I still complete and return the allocation questionnaire to the court? Letter_to_AG.pdf
  9. Hi CitizenB, I had the CPR18 letter returned yesterday from Royal Mail stating that there is no firm/ address incomplete, I double checked the correspondence address on the last letter that I had received from Arrow Global and I had written it correctly so I have no idea what to do now? I also received an allocation questionnaire from the court which needs to be filled out and returned by 08/05/12, I have no idea what this is for, any ideas? Thank you.
  10. So they are just trying it then! Plonkers is right! Thanks for the draft, I will get the letter sent out today via special delivery. Thanks again.
  11. Hi guys, So after a few weeks of nothing I thought I was home free but then I received a letter from BC stating that they were referring the case back to the claimant. I received a letter from Arrow Global on 05/04/2012 stating the following; "We write further to the above and enclose Notice of Change of Solicitor by way of service on you. This matter is now being dealt with by our specialist litigation team. Please ensure all future correspondence, etc, is addressed correctly. We note from your defence you allege this matter is statute barred as per s.5 Limitation Act
  12. Hi citizenB, The message was just for me to call them back. Ok so I will do nothing and play the waiting game. I will let you know what happens next. Thanks for your help
  13. Hi Guys, I received a letter from the court yesterday which read; "I acknowledge receipt of your defence. A copy is being served on the claimant (or the claimant's solicitor). The claimant may contact you direct to attempt to resolve any dispute. If the dispute cannot be resolved informally, the claimant will inform the court that he wishes to proceed. The court will them inform you of what will happen. Where he wishes to proceed, the claimant must contact the court within 28 days after receiving a copy of your defence. After that period has elapsed, the claim will be stayed. Th
  14. Hi Andy and CitizenB, I was able to access my credit file today and there was no record of Orange on it! I did have a store card about 10 years ago and that wasn't on it either. Does the information get wiped after a certain amount of time? Where does that leave me now in terms of responding to the claim form? Thanks.
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