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  1. I'm honestly no expert, but did you have to sign anything that day when the inspection with the EA and landlord was carried out? We're leaving at the end of the month and have been given a Tenant Move Out Form that needs to be signed by both my partner & I, the EA and landlord. I would have thought that if the landlord had signed his consent that he was happy with the state of his house then he would not be able to then dispute it afterwards? Don't quote me on that as I honestly don't have a clue but I would have assumed that's what our form is for. Also, if he approved the Sky
  2. I have been living in my current private rented property for 2 years as of 1st Feb 2012. We handed in our months notice on 1st Feb and will be leaving at the end of the month. Whilst living at the property we have had more than several problems with it. The list is honestly too long - I have just filled 4 a4 sheets of paper with the problems we have had. However, we had a pre-check inspection on Monday so an employer of the estate agent could pinpoint specifically what we need to do in order to be refunded our full deposit. The only thing she pointed out were dirty marks on the t
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