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  1. Apart from the initial call I never heard another word from them, didn't have any details, wouldn't have known where to send anything. The least persistent parasites I've ever encountered.
  2. I think what people are saying is that if you did default then it is all but impossible to get them removed before the 6 years are up. Having said that if the dates have been entered unduly late then they should be willing to correct them - the ICO Principles for the Reporting of Arrears, Arrangements and Defaults at Credit Reference Agencies say 6 months worth of missed payments - or at least they did last time I checked.
  3. We've gone over this previously DX - I didn't defend at the time and once in place it becomes a moot point whether the debt was valid. It was a bank overdraft. Of course I should have defended, I was mentally weak at the time. Many people aren't in the best place when they find a site like this and need help - I've got that help since and in many cases have been able to get back charges, interest and compensation on other accounts.
  4. I'm just updating my old threads - they backed down over this and cancelled the cancellation charge after we sent them a letter outlining our position.
  5. 4 years on and not a lousy letter or a call - I might rip all their pictures off the wall!
  6. Bryan Carters accounts were taken back in house by Lowell - I was paying a CCJ for years and got paperwork a while back about the change.
  7. If you have a similar case you might want to start a thread bitemarx
  8. Quick (non) update. Not a single communication from Link since the initial one and Moorcroft have stopped writing too.
  9. Surely even if they did go to court AND were then successful (which from the limited information here seems less than certain) the court order would be for a minimal payment, they can't go for assets he doesn't own and a poor credit score probably isn't high on his list of things to worry about? In fact for his peace of mind it being dealt with by the courts may well be the best option - otherwise they will undoubtedly carry on harassing him. Also just on the point about informing them they were fraudulent applications - it would have been their problem to go to the police and not your fathers - though I imagine perhaps your father wasn't keen on dropping his son in it at the time so maybe didn't push things.
  10. Is that statement accurate? According to citizens advice a court cannot be asked to enforce a debt that is statute barred and you cannot issue proceedings: https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/debt-and-money/help-with-debt/how-to-dispute-a-credit-debt/time-limits-for-recovering-debt-in-court/
  11. L1882

    lloyds tsb

    I shall await my version of the same letter Dora with baited breath
  12. I'd definitely complain - and when you do so make sure you mention how much distress, suffering and indeed hardship this is causing to maximise the compensation you get. https://www.handbook.fca.org.uk/handbook/CONC/7/13.html
  13. The ICO guidance is contained here: http://www.scoronline.co.uk/sites/default/files/high_level_prinicples_document_final.pdf and some general reading here: https://ico.org.uk/for-the-public/credit/ My point to Lowells was: I had to persist but did in the end get Lowells to concede the point and correct the error.
  14. Just for information I had a default that I queried with Lowell as it was added years after the ICO guidance on when a default should be added. I complained to Lowell who initially claimed it was nothing to do with them but the OC - when I pointed out that the default was added 7 months after they told me they bought the debt they basically realised what they'd done. I had pointed out the ICO guidelines and that I would take action and the result was lowells accepted the default should have been years earlier, corrected it (which meant it disappeared) and paid me over £650 in compo for the privilege. So I guess I'm saying DCA's do add defaults but they should makes sure they do so in accordance with the guidance.
  15. Maybe my benefit is that for whatever reason the case was transferred away from the Northampton bulk centre to Norwich - I don't think they can send them in bulk in quite the same way to courts other than the Northampton County Court Business Centre. Like you say I will keep checking every 6 weeks or so.
  16. You seem to have had similar experience to me - debts sold at similar time etc. The court did tell me they would have to apply to make any variance to the order and I would be notified so lets see if that happens!
  17. Just spoken to the courts - confirmed still in name of LLOYDS and no action or changes etc in claim since 2011. I'm still paying direct to LLOYDS as well on both debts
  18. My position is a little different as I do 'own' my house. I'll check with the courts - be annoyed if anything has changed without me being notified though it seems they can do what they want an the courts allow it. Also found out they've transferred the case back in 2011 from Northampton to Norwich. IF they do decide to try and vary things via the courts can I request it is moved to a local court? I've heard nothing from Link since the first letter so I can only assume a lot of this is about getting Lloyds ship shape for the government to get rid of our shares.
  19. Quite amusing this now. I pay LLOYDS every month as per the CCJ. In recent times I started paying them extra each week but still also pay the monthly payment. This means Moorcroft are currently sending me 5 letters a month , same letter every time.
  20. See my thread from a few years ago and slicks advice - never heard another peep from them after sending them slicks letter: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?417231-Looking-For-Some-Advice-Confirmation-Re-Harlands-Lifestyle
  21. I will cogger - my mocking tone wasn't clear in my post sorry. It does just irk me that when the legal process has been followed and they have even got a CCJ and CO/Restriction they (the OC) can then chose to just change the repayment details. I imagine thousands get these letters, don't have the benefit of knowing about this site and its members and blindly panic and do 'as instructed'. At the least I'd expect it to need to go back to the courts. Oh well, I guess that would be a world in which these parasites didn't exist.
  22. Forward the text to 7726 as spam and ignore.
  23. Another letter today from moorcrap - they seem less than happy I've paid the OC and it seems I must stop this and pay them direct.
  24. Letters attached. Also attached in the file is a copy of a letter received last night from Moorcroft - find it amusing that on the one hand they are allegedly managing the account but on the other need me to confirm details so they can ensure the existing payment arrangement is maintained. Any thoughts on this - should I reply asking who they are and what it is they want or just ignore them? * sorry think I've missed blocking out a reference - will re add shortly Hopefully have not left any reference on this time Lloyds link and moorcorft letters 2.pdf
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