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  1. Thanks again CitizenB. I will let you know how I get on. Hopefully get it taken of my CRF
  2. Thanks citizen that's what I thought. I wasn't certain on the section of the CCA though. Il escalate my complaint to ombudsman and hopefully get it removed. The final response states not only that they didn't send a default notice, also, that they are exempt from the law in that they don't need to send one and that they are unable to produce one. What about the fact they registered the default 2 years after the activity had taken place, anything wrong with that. Does the information commissioner guidelines not give a deadline of 6 months for creditors to register for a default?
  3. hi guys just looking for a little clarification relating to defaults on payday loans. it is in relation to an old payday express account where there is still a balance. the account was open between sept 2012 to dec 2012. in May this year a Default appeared on my credit file for the account the default was dated for dec 2012. no notice of default was ever sent. i wrote to payday express to challenge this and in their final response they have stated "It should be noted that Payday Express is not required to send you a formal notice before recording the loan as being in
  4. Hi guys I have a query regarding overtime rates for employees who receive a shift premium, i have scoured the internet but can't find anything relevant. I receive a shift premium for working day/back/night shift, averaging out at 37 hours per week, over 8 weeks. When I work overtime on day/back/night shift, my payment is calculated based on my basic salary, without shift premium. I would assume that my premium is paid for my contractual 37 hours a week and any further shifts I work in overtime should include an additional premium for those hours. Can anyone confirm if
  5. Sweet, thanks CB that's what I thought. The whole thing has been a shambals from the start contradicting lie after lie. I have it all documented though and will return my full complaint to FOS. I had previously raised it with FOS but they required a final response from m/hall first. Hopefully this time I will get somewhere Thanks again
  6. Hi guys Looking for a bit of advice regarding a default. I had a pdl with quickquid, they never issued a default. The account was 'sold' to mucky hall who on the date of purchase applied a default on my credit file. I have been challenging this since as I was never supplied a proper default notice. In the final response from m/hall they have supplied a default notice they claim was originally supplied by quickquid, which is dated 3 months prior to the 'notice' they had originally supplied and 3 months prior to the date on my credit file. They now claim that upon purchase of the acc
  7. No have not sent a SAR request yet, thought Id just inquier about the PPI first. I will send of a SAR first thing tomorrow and get all the info. Am i right in sayin that a financial institute should retain a customers financial records for a minimum of 6 years after the closure of an account?
  8. HiGuys, Ihave had a PPI claim in with John Lewis Financial services, who provided mewith a mastercard from 2004 to 2010. I have todayreceived a response headed "WITHOUT PREJUDICE SAVE AS TO COSTS" It goes on to say, "Unfortunately,we can confirm we are unable to uphold your complaint. Notwithstandingthe above, and without prejudice, a business decision has been made to refundall remaining PPI premiums, Please note that as we are only obligated to retainrecords for a maximum of 6 years, the refund is based on the premiums we haverecord of." It also refers tothe ref
  9. thanks guys. your advice is much appreciated. will let you know how things go
  10. yeah, thats the route i am thinking dx. what about the fact the have claimed to be acting on behalf of QQ when not, should i start a complaint on that, or hold off for now?
  11. Got an update on this one. After M/Hall refusing to accept my F+F i offered a repayment of £1PCM, they have requested an income/expenditure form be filled out. Instead I challenged the owner ship of the account, as M/Hall have always pursued the account, stating there acting on behalf of the client QQ. Its been a little E-Mail ping pong but its shaping up nice. the conversations below, any personal info removed. M/Hall I can confirm that Mackenzie Hall are the owners of this debt. With regards to your balance the principle was £200 but this excludes fees, interest, and an
  12. i will try this road and if still dont get anywhere will start with a full complaint. i will post again when i get further correspondence
  13. Yeah ibelieve there is charges, sure there is an extra £200 on the original balance
  14. thought online companys could get round this post 2006?
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