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  1. Has anybody got any further with this issue with LCC and had bailiffs/court action as a result of the letters sent out? I received a bill from 1990 when I was doing my A Levels (I'm 40 this year!) sent to my parents' address. When I received the first letter demanding payment, I rang and asked them to send me all the details about what was owed etc.. they said they would send this and put a stop on the 14 days before taking action. I heard nothing for months, then this week, I received another letter at my parents' address from a debt collection agency saying they would take action within 14 days. I rang the council again and said I was putting in an SAR and I wanted to know what action the council had taken to recover the debt so far. They told me the liability order was purchased in 1992 and that they had sent me out a summons for court action then. I have absolutely no recollection of this at all. I was a very nervous and timid 18/19 year old - if I'd been threatened with court action, I would have sold everything I had to pay it as I'd have been terrified of going to prison!!! My parents would have helped me out anyway if I'd had court action threatened against me. However, I simply cannot remember ever receiving the letter. I do have a vague recollection of going down to the council offices to sort some sort of finances when I was a student and sorting out a problem, which I think was my poll tax. This was 20 years ago though and I have no proof of this. Any advice on what I should do now? The man at the council said they have no written evidence of payments etc because of the computerised system used at the time so he couldn't comply with my SAR. I asked why he couldn't just print off the info from the computer and he said he'd look into it and ask the debt company to delay for a while. All sounds very dodgy to me! Do I simply admit defeat and pay it before I end up with a black mark on my credit history or seek legal advice? It's only £94 but it's the principle of the thing that is really annoying me! Advice would be appreciated please.
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