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  1. I have not received any more correspondance from any company since the graham white solicitor letter. I'm still anticipating more letters though.
  2. Haha, I wish. Its a bar that attracts the cast of jeremy kyle...... :/
  3. You'll all be shocked to hear that the venue I'm on at the moment allow trainers That's oldham for you! Ha
  4. Thank you very much for all your support and guidance. I will read a few a few of the threads on here and update you if It progresses any further. Thanks again.
  5. this is the letter i recieved : GRAHAM WHITE I SOLICITORS Michael Sobell Solicitor l Manor House I Lavender Park Road l West Byfleet Surrey, KT14 6ND I Tel: 01932 332020 | Fax 01932 352617 Please Quote Our Ref: X3W1478 Telephone No: 01932 332048 Date: 06 FEB 12 Dear Mr Martin Jarvis RE: Roxurghe (UK) Ltd acting on behalf of PARKING EYE LTD Total Amount Due: £177.00 Account Number: 200006/453047 You were written to by our PARKING EYE LTD and their agent Roxburghe requesting the settlement of a PARKING CHARGE NOTICE. Due to the absence of paym
  6. thanks bank fodder and sailorsam. You are right, im not easily intimidated at all and believe if it went to court i could win the said case or indeed as you have said, pay the initial losses ( the actual parking fee of about £7.50) the only reason i wanted to clarify this is to make sure it wouldnt affect me getting credit in the future for example. Thanks again for your help on this matter. I am very impressed with the wealth of knowledge on this forum and the speedy responses to any requests. Cheers, Martin Jarvis
  7. I received a letter from a "solicitors" yesterday demanding £177 for this parking charge. With the possibility of taking me to court. I shall acan and upload the letter soon so you guys can have a look and advise me what to do?
  8. Thanks queensclose. What would an outstanding debt search do to my credit file?
  9. Thanks for that Manx. if they call again i will certainly tell them the above.
  10. Thanks BankFodder, why should i keep an eye on my credit file? and also, is there i link to this case involving PE that i can use to read it?
  11. Hello members of the consumer action group. I have a prediciment and was wondering if any of you could shine some light on my situation as to what you would suggest i do. Here is my situation : I am a door supervisor and around mid december 2011 i was working in manchester city centre. i found a carpark just behind the venue i was working at approx 23:30. the lights on the carpark were all off, the barrier was in the upright position and all bent. the machine attached to the barrier was also off. I then proceeded into the carpark. parked up and went to work. I finished a
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