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  1. I too have just received a notice for going through Tram stop on Goldsmith Street, in my instance I was following my Sat Nav looking for the Premier Inn, it was the first time I have driven in Nottingham so unfamiliar with the road layout. My Sat Nav took me down Chaucer Street and at the end there is NO sign to say I can't turn left, the only sign is a tiny "No Through Road" sign on the opposite side of the junction, naturally I assumed this meant the road came to some sort of dead end as is usually the case when faced with such a sign. I turned left expecting the Premier Inn to be down there anyway, so far so good no offence has been committed. Next thing I know I am driving right up to a tram stop, there is no other junctions to turn down, no turning facility, at this point I hadn't seem any signs to say I couldn't drive through but remember thinking its odd driving through such a stop and was I doing the right thing, anyway I am faced with making a split decision on whether to drive through or do a "U" turn possibly in front of a Tram. Having had a family member tragically killed doing such a "U" some years ago (by a car not a tram) I made the split decision to drive through especially as I had not seen anything to say I couldnt. Upon arriving at the Hotel I was still unsure whether I was allowed to drive throught the stop and so questioned with the receptionist who advised that I shouldnt and customers are always doing it, to my amazment there was 6 other people in the hotel reception area that had done exactly the same as me that very evening! Because of this I walked back to double check I hadnt missed any roadsigns and I was correct, nothing at the end of Chaucer Street to prevent you from turning left but there was signs either sign of the tramstop however these are spaced wide apart, well away from the usually positioning at the edge of the road, I hadnt seen these due to the vast spacing between them, the fact one was positioned up against a building wall, the other was in line with a row of trees and it was very dark. Two points here: - 1. Why are they so far apart and not next to the road in a more obvious visable position to the motorist? 2. By the time you are in a position to see the sign to advise you cant proceed any further there is no other roads to turn down, no turning provision and the only way to prevent yourself driving through is via a very dangerous U turn potentially in front of a Tram! Good road planning NCC! I always adhere to road signs and in 27 years of driving have never ignored a road sign or traffic signal, and obviously as such have never received any such penalties. I object strongly to this fine as I feel the only reason I drove through this Tram Stop is because of Nottingham County Councils failure to provide adequate road signs. I have searched the internet and found somebody who has made the same mistake, contested and won! At the appeal NCC didnt even bother to turn up and the court found that there was inadequate signage and overturned the fine. I too am going to appeal to my fine and would like to hear from anyone else who has made the same mistake and is willing to stand up to NCC! One last comment, shouldn't NCC stop issuing fines until they have made adequate road sign provision to advise motorist correctly? Maybe thats why they offer a 50% reduction in your fine from £60 to £30 to get you to pay up quickly! I'm fighting mine on principle!
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