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  1. Did you not ask for proof it had been done? A receipt or invoice from the company who did it .
  2. Cheers they won't get me down were resigned to go into rented accommodation but to be honest this stress hasn't done my health any good do once we get over the initial shock of loosing home we might start living life again and enjoying it
  3. I wish you luck this forums has been great for help in the past I got eviction notice in 2010 and agreed a payment plan in court fell behind end of 2011 again and judge gave another chance then September last year I was a week late with a payment and again they took me to court and I won again and got payment reduced.sadly in the beginning of December my wife's bank closed the overdraft eating her wages so msde payment almost a month late. Got letter on forth for eviction and its set for 24th I really can't see me winning this time but I'm filling out a n244 and asking for more time to find re
  4. hello a quick update i rang chelsea legal dept on tuesday and basically they said only full payment of the arrears would stop the eviction. so wife went to court today to file the paperwork got hearing on friday morning.but just noticed its in a court 15 miles away but nothing was said to wife so i need to ring and check as i dont want to turn up at the wrong court.as this is my second time this year suspending an eviction im not very confident but have to give it a go. one thing i would like to know is the eviction date is wed if i loose can i try and get a later date to allow us to find some
  5. they didnt refuse as i said but basicly said even if i paid it they would not stop the repossesion it was just a normal call centre operitve so i will find out more in the morning when i speak to a member of the legal team and if they still wont play ball i will get some names and times and the reasons why they fell repossesion is a bette.r option than taking my offer of the payment
  6. hi ellen sadly i dont they were repaired by friends who are tradesmen im chelsea legal team are phoning me tomorrow morning and i can pay this months payment with a debit card tomorrow which would mean im up to date but they seem set on getting the full arears if this doesnt go my way i have everything ready to take to court and will ahve to face the judge again.as they wont accept my payment it just seems to me they want to reposses i have paid almost £1000 of my arrears since last year .
  7. im in a similar situation to you got a warrent suspended last year and agreed to pay £150 a month on top of my £500 a month payment.the arrears at that time were about £5000 with all the stuff they added on.had trouble in april when we missed some payments and they insisted the full arrears had to be paid about £4000 at the time. couldnt do it so went to court only for there solicitor to meat me outside the courtroom and say they would accept my offer of continueing the current payment i was so angry that they made me go to court but i think they do it to scare you.anyway paid on time every m
  8. hello sorry ive been a bit quiet on this but was in court today and judge sided with me. i was emailed last week by cobbits there solicitor asking me to send my proposals for clearing the arrears even though i had it in writing they would only accept full payment of the arreras. i emailed back saying i had filed a n244 and was prepared to keep my payments going as they were but felt they were trying to pressurise me into making a lump sum payment.there solicitor approached me before the hearing and said just like to confirm we have accepted your offer so it will just be a formality . i wasnt h
  9. Yeah didn't have to last time said its so the judge can see how much I can afford to pay but the one you sent me is laid out better so I attached that and have 3 copies but I don't think the judge even looked last time
  10. yes used the stuff you gave me last time including the budget sheet but when i got to the court i had to fill in there budget sheet which was more or less the same but i still attached the one you gave me
  11. hi sorry ell enn for slow reply ive sent n244 to court and im there 10 am monday 16th i recived a letter from cobbets solicitors who act for chelsea. it says that we must remove our goods by the date but then says they urge us to contact them with proposals to clear the arreras. as stated earlyer i contacted them when this first happened and got a pretty standard only full payment will stop this type letter.ive emailed them telling them ive filed n244 and im contesting it as they dont seem interested in working with me.but have advised them to reply if they are wiling to accept an offer of con
  12. Previous employer said she gave insuficiant notice wanting 12 weeks she gave a month it is being looked at but don't know when the money will be given were able to carry on with the current arrangement but there not inrerested
  13. no we basically lost a months salary i paid this months but chelsea have stated through there solicitors cobbits that they will only stop action if the full arrears are paid
  14. hi this is different lender im up to date with the one you helped me with ive adapted the letter you gave me last time to reflect this case and filled in the budget form
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