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  1. Well - saw a Skoda Octavia VRS 2002 plate back in Late August 2007. Went down with a £500 deposit and everything to finance it. It took ages and ages and several trips to London from Portsmouth to sort out. Eventually everything was in place. The car was sold to me with Northern Ireland DVLA Logbook which was never mentioned and could not tax it until October 2007 (2 months after purchasing it) I had to apply for a permantent export lisense from DVLA Northern Ireland! As I turned towards Sheppards Bush out of Hythe Road (where Car Giant is situ
  2. RW have got their phony solicitors to send a letter saying that this debt is not statutory barred and it will not be going away. It also says I should make a payment offer within 14 days. I still do not aknowledge this debt is mine nor am I offerring them something until they have been back to court and had the debt resubstituted in their name right before the judge chucks it out for being so delayed in claiming it. Barclays still have not come back to me to shed any light purely because I think they can't?
  3. No worries. Yesterday (Saturday) Equita posted me another letter stating that unless I want more substantial charges they will have the removal teams and porters in my area this week. I also have a letter from Havant Borough Council stating that my Council Tax account is up to date. As the Bailiff sneakily put a levy on a car that wasn't mine just a borrowed car all he is getting is the £42.50 for the two visits. If he charges me any more I will remind Equita that thier job is collect the council tax and not for the Bailiff to take the P**S
  4. I have just had a interesting conversation with Havant Borough Council just a moment ago. They said they have access to Equitas system? I said I would pay the £42.50 and thats is it! He said the Bailiff had made a Levy without informing me on a car registration that is a friends car he lent me for a couple of weeks. The Skoda on my drive is registered to me but actually owned by my brother but he has nowhere to put it. Only leaving my wife's Renault which she needs for work being a Midwife and the breadwinner in our family. This whole thing is getting me down now because the Council ca
  5. I have just found a charge sheet. First visit with a view to levy ditress for seizure of goods, (but where no levy was made) £24.50 Second visit with a view to levy ditress for seizure of goods, (but where no levy was made) £18 This is what he did - he made no attempt to stop my wife and walked right passed her in her car. And sat outside my house when I got back from the school with kids. He never actually made contact just put letter through door. He could have posted it asking to visit when we were in? Debt is paid And been around to ask for more money £259.92. Eq
  6. OK.. I just called Equita - the lairy little bloke stated yes there is a note on the system saying I would call them back on the 24th Feb and make a payment of £250 (but it is not an arrangement to pay!) what the hell is it then mate??? He said once I had made payment they can set it up. That's not what[EDIT] at Equita[EDIT] said? Your calls are recorded check mate. So if you are not paid until 23rd February they can send a childish bailiff around to sit in their van outside your house eating lunch. I asked for address to make a complaint and it will be duplicating to both Portsmouth Mag
  7. Not sure what he is charging for? The first letter was put throgh the door even those my wife was getting out of her car. He drove straight off. I called Equita the next morning as my wife forgot to tell me. I then contacted him direct even those this was the day before we get paid and our arrangement was for. He said he was litterally around the corner and around in half an hour. He took longer than 3 hours and I had to collect children from school and called and left him a message saying I am going out for an hour. He still came around and put a snotty letter through my door sayin
  8. Another day and another problem. Havant Borough Council messed my Council Tax up so much last year. First of all they added £556 from the previous year making my Counil Tax bil £1900+ for April 2011 to Feb 2012. (10 month period as normal) My wife was a student Midwife last year and I was working self-employed driving. So we were entitled to housing benefits and a Council tax releif for her being in full time education. The council were messing around asking to see my accounts every 4 weeks. It messed with the dates and amounts so much we said sod it, and came off the benefits.
  9. So RW needs to go back to court and have themselves substituted as the owner of the debt? I am writing to Barclay in Leicester to see if they can dig anything up. Something funny did happen when I last done my enhanced CRB (criminal records check) for Portsmouth City Council for my work, I was asked to attend Waterlooville Police station to have my finger prints and DNA taken? When I asked why - they said there is another person with matching details who committed a bugulary locally and lives in my town with my name? Obviously he doesn't have my fingerprints. There could be some foul
  10. I have just had a guy call me again from Robinson Way, who was very persistant asking for £1256.68 otherwise they are going to start taking legal action on me. This is stupid! I do not have a CCJ that is young enough to view and they said Barclays took me to court in 2005 and they purchased the debt from Barclays in 2008? I have only been contacted in last few months but they seem to know all my details and my ex-directory telephone number etc? They also are telling me I paid £400 off original debt with Barclays which I also have no recollection of. They have now given me a country court
  11. They have called me since my last entry at least 5 times - they are very persistant
  12. Only Barclays apparently took me to court - Robinson Way haven't beem to court, they just bought the debt allegidly? They said they would just send a bailift around to collect debt rather than go to court - that's what the guy said (proper lairy guy) Still a little confusin law jargon They gave me the CCJ No. but that could be made up? and the search shows nothing
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