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  1. Hi everyone, i too had £67.59 taken from my account last week, which the money was for my daughter birthday present. I contacted my bank and they had told me it was from a company called ' your-money.tv' and the bank told me that they couldnt stop the payment and i would have to contact the company. After nearly an hour of trying to find the company's phone number i contacted them and they said that i had signed up with them and the money that had been taken was a membership fee. So i argued with them saying i knew nothing about it and that i did not authorise the payment. They said they had an electronic signiture and contract, so i asked if they could send me a copy of it in the post and they turned round and said that they couldnt and i would have to go through the data protection act. They also said that if i wanted to cancel my membership and have a refund then i would have to send a written request but said that they could take legal action......the bloody cheek!!!! Since i got nowhere with them i contacted my bank and they have cancelled my card even though i said that would still be able to take money out of my account online as i would still have the same account number and sort code.......not very helpful at all.........The bank did say that they would refund the money and investigate the company but the said if all the details this company has got matches with my details i would have to pay the refund back.........well of course it is going to be my details as they took it out of my bank..... By this time im furious, so i decide to contact my solicitor.........he has told me to call the company back and demand a contract to be sent out as i have every right as im the data provider, he then said if they still wont budge to report it to the police and fair trading, consumer rights and if nothing is resolved in a week then to contact him back and take it further....... If i was you i would consider taking legal action as i didnt get anywhere with the company in question nor my bank.... hope this helps
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