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  1. Hi AB & Altobelli, Basically expressing an opinion, what I would have known etc. etc. Without going into too much detail, I had been left in charge of a large Supermarket and colleagues overnight (not for the first time) when I was very new in my role as a trainee. I had received virtually no training at all and was forced into the position I found myself, despite making it clear that I was not trained nor ready for such a responsibility and not happy about it.......they didn't care. So, I ended up having an accident which put me in a wheelchair for months, that I was in charge has
  2. Hi, I have no plans to write to the CEO until this is all over (if even then) and, I really don't see how I can go back there afterwards. They have tried every trick in the book to get out of admitting liability and now are coercing my co-workers to give false statements against me. What I was wondering was if it's legal to change statements so dramatically after three years. The fact is that, when you strip out all the hearsay and personal opinion, they actually have no defence. That said, it turned my stomach and made me feel physically ill to read, along with the thought that
  3. Hi, Thanks for your replies, I'm still employed by the same company. The originals were all handwritten and these subsequent statements are typed and stapled to copies of the originals but, where the originals were just statements of fact, these new ones contain comments like "I can't believe X has made a claim for compensation when she knew she was in the wrong", "we all talked about it in the canteen after the ambulance had taken her away and someone said that she had said this and that", we were all shocked because eveyone knows.................." yadda yadda yadda repeated word for w
  4. Hi, I wonder if anyone might be able to shed a little light on a situation for me, my Solicitor isn't contactable until Tuesday and it's really bugging me! I had an accident at work back in August 2010, the company I work for has always denied liability and (I think) we'll be going to court in July. Anyway, after the accident they took statements from those who were working with me, none witnessed the actual event (all pretty basic) and submitted them to my Solicitor. Anyhow, I received in the post yesterday statements that they had re-taken from all parties (three years later) and
  5. Hi all, I've been looking around the site and found some very useful information, along with some horror stories relating to what happens when you give HMRC inaccurate information! It's got me thinking (I use the word 'thinking' loosely) about what I need to do this year when it comes to renewals time and have a couple of questions that I'm hoping you guys may be able to help me with. Firstly, at renewals time last year, I gave them our (myself and my husband) combined gross income as it appeared on our P60s, all fine and dandy. Then they asked what we expected to earn in 11/12 and
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