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  1. Noooo... I was simply asking a question about best mortgage deal etc and someone queried why in my name only etc so i didnt go into detail just said this was the best way we was doing it due to credit and they said to me... this could seriously damage both your credit records for the future. and any career prospects you have (because i work in a bank) so i asked how? and they said... by association, you will be linked at living at the same address. anyone reviewing your credit file with notice this. i explained we have no joint accounts, mortgage in my name... we even bank with different people but they insisted that because he will be living there we will be linked and could effect me ever obtaining credit as well as him... and that crap about my job!! how will me working in a bank and living with someone with a ccj ruin my job?
  2. Just spoken to someone about my mortgage and they've told me that after I buy the house and if he is registered as living with me then but not named on the mortgage that I will never get credit again? Is this true? His ccj is finished in 2015 after 6 years so will he not be able to go on a joint mortgage then? Am I supposed to just never live with him because we will always both be in credit trouble even though my credit file is excellent? They've really worried me
  3. ok... im sending a lot of letters here part of me is thinking if he should just leave them for the 6 years im hopefully trying to sort a mortgage on my own - had an offer accepted again so if i can sort it myself then we can do it that way until after the 6 years and try get him a mortgage then - thoughts?
  4. He's rang cal quest this morning and they said they won't accept any less than 288 and it won't come off credit file
  5. both? just written the sar letter to be sent to orange in the morning
  6. so... my next step is... WRITE to Orange requesting SAR and see the reply from them i really need to apologise but i honestly have zero knowledge of anything to do with this, this is why i may seem like im repeating myself or asking silly questions... i just need a list of the things i need to do first and then await replies... i suppose it would be slightly easier if there was just 1 company involved but its 3 - orange, moorcroft and crapquest
  7. turns out he had 2 accounts with orange.... one ccj with moorcroft registered 2009 for £948 one default with CQ registered 2008 for £288
  8. Letter N? right i have done this with his details and will send this recorded in the morning and await their reply thanks
  9. dont want to sound dumb but what is a cca? should i leave moorcroft alone for now? cant thank you enough for your help
  10. Hi So sorry not been in reply but had internet problems! dam virgin media! dx - he has no paperwork at all.... typical 18 year old lad at the time and has nothing at all regarding moorcroft or ccjs or orange or anything.... only paperwork he has are the latest 2 letters from capquest yes we also registered him on trust online and paid the fee and it told him exactly what his credit file does and what the lady at the court told him... she said he needs to contact moorcroft for more details... is this a good idea? ghost - no capquest say its in regard to orange and the letter also states the have bought the debt from orange (sorry if ive said elsewhere they didnt state the reason for letter - im utterly lost with the whole thing and not a clue what to do) but yes they wouldnt discuss the debt they just wanted payment. what i dont understand is if moorcroft have gone as far as issuing a ccj for £948 why are capquest now claiming for £288 to clear the default they also have registered against him?? we are never going to be able to get a mortgage and i have no idea where to start... does he pay the ccj registered against him in 2009 or ride it out for the 6 years? and what does he do about the default registered in 2008 for £288...... which are both linked with orange. he has never had any other form of credit so they have to be linked appriciate all help
  11. yes he has called them twice and thats what theyve told him, exactly whats on there and if he needs anymore information to contact moorcroft. how will he get any proof without contacting moorcroft? this started in 2006 but only registered in 2009. and if he contacts moorcroft now they will start to chase him again from today if that correct? plus cant understand why capquest are now chasing payment for something he already has a ccj for? what would you suggest my next step would be. i dont want to contact capquest because thats the default registered but do i need to sent them the letter that asks for proof of the debt? thanks, Dawn
  12. oh yes sorry you did say that... he asked about the address and they said contact moorcroft for details and give him a number to call but ive told him not to call them, is this right? the judgement box says exactly what is on his credit file.... that the ccj was registered with moorcroft for £948
  13. he has also just rang orange and they said they had no record of him and he needs to go into an orange shop. he said to orange that hes got a ccj registered against him that is from moorcroft passed on by you and now he has somebody else also chasing him for money and he wants to know why and like i say he said he knows to go into orange shop because whoever he spoke to could not find his details. should he re contact the court and ask what was in the judgement box?
  14. thanks for that just had to google what SB was because like i say i have no idea what i am doing he has just contacted the court and it is registered by moorcroft. she said she had no details other than who registered it and that he would need to contact moorcroft for further details... therefore if he was to do this does this reset the SB? and the date will be registered as if hes got the ccj now? also because it was registered by moorcroft for the orange bill.... why are capquest now chasing for it and registered a default on him if he has already suffered a ccj for it? im so confused so sorry if i am repeating myself
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