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  1. i just got this letter today from brachers LLP on behalf of experto credite who have the MBNA debt.it goes as follows dear sir Eperto credite limited and yourself outstanding balance £10,500.55 we write further to the above and note we have yet to receive a response to our earlier correspondence. ( just for info this was on in Oct 2011) we would reiterate your thatyour arrangement with creditcardkiller is invalid and has no legal standing and it is therefore your responsibility to settle the balance due to our client. Again, we would suggest that you may wish to seek independant legal adviceand/or cosult public meia to the current status of creditcardkiller. in view of the above and to avoid legal action we would invite you to complete the attached personal financial statement and return it to us within 7 days of this letter together with your proposals for payment for our clients coinsideration. in the event that creditcardkiller have paid our client direct, we would be obliged if you would ask them to contact us as a matter of urgency with details of payment. weawait hearing from you within the time mentioned yours faithfully signature here BRACHERS LLP End of letter i think i should just ignore this but wife is getting really stressed and upset especially after the doorstep visit from lewis group yesterday re my smile card debt thanks for any help and advice in advance.
  2. have done the SAR letter for both cards. i have a pre paid cash plus credit card i forgot i had so put some cash on that today so it will be on it tomorrow and i will get my CRA aswell tomorrow and post details minus personal info on other thread. will dig letter out on put info on other thread i dont have a scanner so will type it out.
  3. it would easier to post the link than write it all put again. just had a letter from brachers LLP advising they are going to legal proceeedings in 7 days again on behalf of Experto credite if i dont pay reiterating credit card killer is invalid etc. i am starting to brick my pants a bit here so a bit a of advice from a site team member would be most appreciated. have had these letters before but wife is really get stressed with it and its rubbing off on me. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?337082-help-with-debt-collection-agencies-and-credit-card-killer&p=3710791#post3710791
  4. thanks ims21 sorry for this post but i have dont so i can get to 10 post so ican post the link to my other thread on here. next post will have link to thread/post
  5. thanks Suvin, i will give them a call. i'm still going through with the sar though as i think it will be pertinent to the dca issues I am having. on anm another point can i still get this info offthem even i dont have an account with then anymore.
  6. thanks ims, would i not have to give a reason why i want the SAR or a reason why i want a refund of my PPI. this credit card is around 12 years old what would happen if they dont have statements that go that far back. do i make an estimate of PPI paid out. i'm guessing i would be able to use the SAR for detailing unfair charges etc. is there a link to for addresses as i would need that of MBNA customer contact centre. thanks in advance
  7. first for a bit you may want to read my other thread but i cant post the link to it because i havent posted 10 times yet. I am not sure which letter to use to claim back My PPI from MBNA or any other Charges for that matter. i still have the account no. but have no idea how much was paid as it was based on percentage of balance. i'm pretty sure i qualify on the basis they never i was not asked whether you had any other insurance which would cover the credit card i was not told you could buy PPI elsewhere to cover the credit card. Also when i went self employed when i rang they said i was still covered. but i believe that to be a load of tosh. I am a bit wary of doing this as DCA VULTURES are circling and i dont want to make the situation worse. as i'm in the process of getting my CRA to know the full extent of my situation a problem i also have is that i have no idea how much i paid in ppi as it was on a sliding scale dependant on the balance of the card. Do i need to know how much i had paid or will the account no. suffice which letter do i use Also how can i prove that they said i would be covered when self employed as it was just a general call over 4 years ago and never realised until now how important it would be as evidence. thanks in advance and all help gratefully appreciated. Julian
  8. forgive me if the im not upto speed on stuff im still trying to get my around it. but if the debt has been sold on and credit card killer basically ripped me off why has no one tried to get me in court after 3 years if they own this debt. thanks in advance
  9. thanks dx100uk, by trying to claim these PPI and late charges etc(there was a few) could i not be putting myself in hot water making this an even bigger problem for myself for example the banks think cheeky oik he's not paid us and now he's claiming from us lets go him after with all guns firing ETC, or should i keep quiet. what would be the best way to proceed. Also what is an OC thanks in advance for any help/advice given
  10. will post a cheque off tomorrow and get my file once i have received do i need to post it on here minus personal details or should i be looking for something? thanks in advance for replies.
  11. I have a problem just tried with experian and they need a credit card or debit card details. i dont have one is there another way? my wife has one but dont think it will work as obvoiusly its in her name.
  12. thanks for your quick replies i assume a CRA is the my credit file from a credit agency eg Experian. sorry for being thick how do i go about getting one. can i do it online and which is the best 1 to get one from.
  13. First i would like to say hello to everyone and all on the forum this is my first post. Also if i have posted in the wrong forum I apologise Here goes a bit of background info. i'm a self employed plumber and approx 3/4 years ago I got into serious debt problems due to a customer not paying a bill who was a ltd company and went bankrupt. I thought I could get myself out of this by using credit cards as a short term solution. however the bank crisis came and the said credit card companies, ramped up there interest rates and i couldn't keep up the payments. I looked around for help and not very well i might add ( i could only describe myself as running around like a headless chicken) but I saw credit card killer and had recently seen them on panarama and thought i had seen a light at the end of my tunnel. I was faced with an unsummountable debt Just short of £22000 split against 3 credit cards Egg ,MBNA & Smile I just couldnt see a way of getting out of it. So i parted with around £3000 filled in the paper work and hey presto i was allegedly debt free then came the letters from the companies disregarding CCK . i made logs of calls ,txts sent demand letters to CCK as instructed by them. But 3 years on 2 are still chasing me and have passed the debt on MBNA & Smile ( they have sold to Experto Credite and Lewis Group) and are still chasing and harrassing me for the money i reckon between the 2 I have received in excess of 300 calls, letters, txt requesting payment. i would change my mobile no and home no. etc but i need them for my business Now today a representative from lewis group has made a door step visit i wasnt in at the time but they left a note to call him and has since made 3 calls to my mobile today alone in the space of 3 hours. In an Ideal world i would sincerely have paid this but was put in this current position by the fact of the credit companies hikking their interest rates up extortionatley, prime example MBNA put theres upto just short of 35% In short i need help on how to deal with these debt collections agencies i do believe Credit Card Killer do not exist anymore and if they do they certainly can't be contacted. I know i am to blame in part for getting into debt in the first place but i believe also the credit companies are to blame aswell for the exortionate interest they charged. I need help surely these debt collectors cannot be allowed to persistently harrass me all the time. Also on another point with MBNA i had PPI i am unsure if i can still claim against them when i first had this card i was an employed person on Paye. when i went self employed after a couple years i made this known in a call to MBNA and they said i would still be be covered. however since then i have found out this is not the case. where would i stand on this? any help on this would be very much appreciated as this is now causing my wife and i sleepless nights. Thanks Julian
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