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  1. have tried and they wont because they are no longer legal tender in tender in india.
  2. yes it was literally an overnight change. i dont have an issue as such with the idea on their part. but i assumed i would be covered by the sale of goods act to get a refund as they are literally not fit for purpose anymore. but Travelfx have said no refund and not covered by the sale of goods act Is this True.
  3. Hi apologies if this is the wrong part of forum im posting in. i bought 45000 indian rupees in 500 and 1000 rupee denominations on ) Oct 13th last month. for my holiday in feb 2017 From TravelFX by Bank transfer (wish i'd paid by credit card now but they only accepted Bank transfers) then beginning of this month indian prime minister declares all 500 and 1000 in effect null and void. its nearly £550.00 worth and TravelFX wont buy them back. even though though they have a buy back policy. and now wont communicate with me any further even though i have been polite at all stages in co
  4. i believe so they sent a form for me to make an offer. i offered the lowest i thought i could get away with on reflection i should have offered 30. court approved it.
  5. begrudgingly settled for £40.00 per month (couldnt afford to let it go to courtand judgement go against me) however my egg card claim was discontinued as they couldnt produce the signed agreement and in 2 months (fingers crossed) another will be staute barred. so not all bad
  6. i get a letter every couple of months saying i can settle the debt for a third of what was originally owed if i settle within the 7 days. i just put the letter in the drawer with all the others. once it is Statute barred would i still be able to make a PPI. i know from threads that it cant go to the DCA but i would rather be sure before making a claim.
  7. HI CB, according to my credit report on Noddle it says the default was issued on 31/08/2009 does this make a difference to the staute barred date.
  8. Hi Guys, I had a credit card debt with MBNA that was sold to Aktiv Kapital. the last payment was made in Feb2009 so by my reckoning this is now possibly statute barred. I have looked through many threads on here for a definitive answer to what date a statute barred debt is calculated from but couldnt find one. but found some conflicting answers on other web sites. for example the link below say from last payment. http://moneyaware.co.uk/2013/10/statute-barred-debt/ but this web site link below says that depends on what your agreement says. https://www.nationalde
  9. As a heating engineer and from details you have posted I concur. Get on the phone to them everyday everyhour if need be try and hurry them up. Take photo's and keep all details of any communication.
  10. when i log into my case screen on money claim online. it shows my activity but will it show the plaintiffs. for example if they decide to proceed with the claim. or will i find out in due course. thanks in advance.
  11. Thank you Andy, so in your opinion would you think it better to try and settle. which is fair enough. would there be any harm in sending them a letter asking them to comply with cpr 31.14 request before agreeing to mediation/consent order just to give me a bit of time to sort things
  12. hi Guys, Im a bit stuck as to what my next move should be. is it possible to re submit a new defence. or should i send a another letter to bryan carter stating i still havent received a CCA and that the request was sent over a month ago. along with the CPR request. i would really appreciate your views on this and the pdf's posted as to what my next move should be.
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