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  1. Hi, not sure whether this is in the right area.... My friend invested a third into purchasing a property with another couple. For a while they rented out the house and shared the income. The house was refurbished and put on the market for sale. The house sold with completion last month. She was hoping for her "share" this month, however the couple have stated that her money will only be available in April after his accounts has been finalized, income tax for the year. I assume he his self employed. From what she tells me, it seems she will be penalized for his tax deductions ? - which i find strange. He also stated that her name isn't on the deeds,being part of the reason he says?, however she has a signed declaration of any share. thanks, any advice grateful
  2. after our house was repossessed some time ago, we decided to apply for our SAR to view costs etc. To our amazement, we found costs attributed to the co-ordination of the reposeession, from the lock change,house sitting, clearance and estate agent costs etc. This company was sub contracted via the lender. After the house was sold an invoice for 6k+ was paid to the contractor, and ultimately we paid this via our equity. I have now gained the breakdown of this invoice, annoyed to find that they have charged us 4k for commission!!!!, probably 2% from the sale value. Considering they had already charged a management fee, we feel this amount of commision is totally immoral and not necessary, in terms of work done to co-ordinate this process. I am about to compile a letter of reclaim for the full amount plus interest for the period of charge to the date of the SAR issue. appreciate any ideas or direction , thanks
  3. The FSCS will only entertain PPI claims after policies were set up from 14th January 2005. Prior to this date, I have been advised to refer to the FOS?
  4. Hi Gail38 Have you got the direct number for customer services, by the way, are they based in Watford? thanks willerby20
  5. Hi all, Having no paperwork (but have account number and period of loan), First National claim they have no record of this account. Initially submitted a letter for copies of the loan agreement and t+c's - no response; so rang them - they have no record. The loan was originally taken out with GE. Overall we have the intention to seek a claim for PPI. I will issue a SAR, hoping they should respond to this. Due to fact it was 2002 when we took out this loan, am I right in saying that these accounts are just archived and not destroyed? thanks
  6. Hi pam56, I gathered all the charges from the statement, that came with the SAR. I compiled a spreadsheet (template from here) added the relevant description and interest rate - hence nearly 9k. This account has been closed since 2007, following repo of the property. The statement, we believe is not comprehensive, as during and after the repo charges , compound interest and redemption costs are not visible. I will be requesting a full account summary and blanked out history notes from the SAR. THANKS
  7. Hi all Just submitted a claim letter and spreadsheet for nearly 9k in excessive charges. Received a "generic" response letter, more or less within 2 days. In real terms we could tell that no real investigation into the claim, and offered us a mighty £80 "as a sign of goodwill" !!!!!!!! Initially they quoted a full response with 4 weeks. This is their final response in the matter. Unfortunately this secured loan was unregulated. I don't think FOS can help? Any suggestions for next steps. thanks willerby20
  8. we too lost our house, horrible experience, lived in hotel prior to xmas with two children, managed to privately rent a home 2 days before xmas day. Anyway that was 2006, but the pain is still there. Thanks to this site it was January of this year we became more aware of this company. Received our SAR in March, and couldn't believe the amount of charges they applied to the account. These charges were never indicated at the time of repo. With calculations and compound interest, our claim out weighed the actual arrears! Along with a letter, this claim will be submitted, today! The PPI is another story - just awaiting a few answers before submitting this too - most likely to the broker (any ideas). We are willing to take this as far we can, because the heartache still lingers, and we are with you guys who are still feeling the wrath of these lot. count us in!
  9. Hi everyone, We were victims of swift too. Our home was repossessed. I have just compiled a claim for all the charges that they added to the loan, as sweetjane describes. All the charges have been inputted into the spreadsheet from here (CI) along with a three page letter. OFT and FSA are aware of my case. The PPI is being dealt seperately, purposely until I know for sure where to direct it. The was a broker involved, - am i right to direct to these? Swift have previously denied ownership. Just to note our loan was for 300 months and only reached 26 months to repossession (painful experience that was). The ppi represented 12.28% of the total monthly loan payment, therefore i have calculated a compound interest just for the 26 month period. Interesting in the t+c's it quotes that any remaining premium "may" be credited back to the account. The SAR never shown any credit!!! - so therefore we are going to claim the whole lot back. thanks willerby20
  10. unregulated loan - so a harder nut to crack? However the whole PPI fiasco across the industry, could lend a possible success against these (i hope) ta
  11. Hi all Re; section 56 (of which act?), in layman terms could someone explain what the above extract means. Am I assuming that the lender is responsible for the PPI ownership. All the terms and conditions and premiums were paid direct to the lender and not the broker. Furthermore, I would like to quote section 56 in our case to them. thanks
  12. just an update and further background....... This debt of 6k to her "friend" was signed for by her and her partner in Jan 2011, all agreeing that the monies would be paid back after 12months had elapsed (breathing space period, i guess). The loan was actually to pay her partners mortgage arrears. They have now split., however the guy who owned the property (since repossesed) is paying £100 per month to my friend. I suggested whilst he is paying towards the debt, we could draft LBA towards her "friend" for 50% of the debt (3k), who in this instant has been hostile towards her and making no effort to pay back.(i have said do not react or respond to her attitude) If the claim goes to court for the 3k, this threshold is below the criteria for small claims(please correct if incorrect). Anyway the LBA went to her friend drafted by me, but via her on the 1st June recorded delivery stating 14 days to reply and then a total of 30 days to come up with the money etc. I have suggested wait 7 days after the 30 days are up (this weekend), and we believe mediation maybe the next step, however based on her attitude I don't think this will be a success............any further suggestions before applying to court or just go straight to court??? thanks willerby20
  13. hi the loan was unregulated during october 2004 - loan taken out and closed April 2007. The unregulation may be an issue.
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