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  1. I am attending a work programme which is helping with amending my C.V. and also look to place me with a local company for "work experience". The Job referral stems from a JCP advisor in Oct 2011. I had actually informed the advisor at a prior "review" ,that i had at that time no personal transport and so was actively seeking work in the local area or a area that was easily accessible via public transport. I have latter learned that the Job in question was approx 20 miles away. My current Agreement states that i am willing to travel up to 1.5 hours,as i currently have personal tra
  2. Firstly i must say thank you "flumps1976" for the feedback/advise. I have been claiming since the beginning of 2011,but have been out of work since October 2010. I should also state this is a joint claim,but it would appear they do not/have not recognised this...is this correct? I shall get a letter sent off tomorrow morning asking for a reconsideration of the decision and should that fail,intent to appeal. Ben.
  3. So far i had a first letter regarding the claim of not applying for the Job in question,to which i replied with the covering letter and my reasons for not applying. I then received a stating that i failed to apply for the Job and that JSA would now be stopped. That is as far as it has got so far. I am intending to continue to sign on. Is a reconsideration of the decision the same as appealing? Looking into Hardship allowance. JSA stopped Friday so today is the first day we can actively start looking into and contact people about the problem .
  4. Hello everyone, I hope someone can give me some pointers on what to do next. My problem is as follows. I have been sanctioned because i failed to take advantage of a job opportunity. Despite sending a covering letter when replying to the original dispute, detailing that at no point had i verbally or in writing been informed that the vacancy in question was a mandatory" matched" vacancy. The sanction has 22 weeks to run. I understand the terms and conditions of the JSA,but in this case it requires the ability of my "Personal Advisor" to communicate with me to full-fill the
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