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  1. Thanks for your reply, the letterhead is 'control account plc' I see on the forum that this plc is well documented; the company address is Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. So I still ignore? Jc
  2. Hello again, have had 2 more letters from euro car parks, the first one upping the charge to £70 payable in 28 days which was ignored and one which arrived yesterday from a credit management company for £115 payable in 5 days and threatening 'serious legal consequences' and 'firm instructions to start legal proceedings and apply for a county court judgement if i do not pay'. Have you any idea how far they take this as can see these charges expanding into sillyness.
  3. Hello all, I recieved a parking charge notice from euro car parks for parking in a bay for which the ticket I had purchased was not valid. (There are 2 car parks operating within same area) I wrote to euro car parks saying that I was unaware and unfamiliar with the area and had purchased a ticket with good intention etc etc and would like them to view this favourably blah blah blah. Today I received the reply saying that they will not accept this as a failure to pay but say they will reduce the charge to £50 + the £1.50 debit charge or £2.50 cheque administration charge within 14 days. To be honest the last bit about the admin charge annoyed me most and was googling their address to pay when this site came up and I read the posts. My only concern is that I have communicated with them [edit]s already, how do I stand? I would rather not pay them, going on the ticket time it them 5 minutes to slap it on my windscreen during a 2 hour slot.
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