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  1. That's interesting, they didn't feel the need to tell me. It begs the question why Halifax apparently settled with Mikbandit? Unless there was more to his story than just them not renewing. 'Dogs Today' magazine is planning an article soon, I'll post here whe I find out it's being published. Edit - my wife has just told me that she's received an email from another insurer with a quote (not covering the existing illness) and it's coming out at £22 per month. As I said the other day Bankfodder, other insurers will now load the premium regardless of the fact that Max's epilepsy will be
  2. I am well aware that the Halifax is the responsible party but as yet I have no address for the 'man at the top' so as a first salvo I sent BDML a registered letter. If I have no response by next Tuesday, letter number two will go to the Halifax and I will start preparing my case against them. Incidentally, after getting auto replies from the OFT and TS telling me to ring Consumer Direct or fill in one of their on line forms, I filled in a form and their system wouldn't let me send it. I phoned and spoke to them to be told that they can only offer advice if I want it and that they could give
  3. Today I sent a letter to Halifax (BDML) to register a complaint after phoning them and they confirmed that after 5th April, I would be without insurance cover. They refused to give me an address for Halifax and told me that Halifax were not dealing directly with customers as BDML had been told to deal with complaints. The letter was sent Next Day and will be with them by 1300 tomorrow. I also sent off a complaint with a copy of the letter to the FSA. Somerset CC Trading Standards and the OFT were sent emails with the same complaint and both times I got the auto reply telling me that complaints
  4. Sorry, email now sent, unfortunately I have to work (24/7 shifts) for a living, mores the pity, so not always able to reply immediately. Cheers
  5. Hello all, I read the article in today's Daily Mail (who says it doesn't pay to be a Mail reader!?) and now expect a letter from Halifax/BDML will arrive next month. My wife and I have a Border Collie, 2 yrs 4 mths old, who at 8 months started having seizures. We have our insurance with Halifax, taken out in April 2010 and renewed last April and I made sure before I took out any cover, that it was continuation of condition cover (we also have an older Lab with arthritis and know how valuable continuation cover is). It is only for £1000pa and just about covers the cost of the epilepsy meds fo
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