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  1. Spoken to solicitor and advised wasting money and time to chase - car written off - 2500 to find in 3 months - only good ting is you live and learn
  2. There was a thread recently where someone managed to get a third party insurers to settle a claim for the car and finance Any ideas where this thread is - cant find it Paul
  3. So once the car has been written off and the TP insurer accepts full liability I then need to argue with them "directly" to try and claim for the additional GAP to finance? Thanks Paul
  4. I have had an accident 2 days ago - as both airbags deployed I am being told it is a write off - car was 7K 13 months ago from a garage - financed and all running smoothly until accident - tp came out from junction into my path. If car is def written off (Awaiting assessors report) i reckon i will get 4k ish for the car - but owe 6600 to finance Company - finance company DO NOT offer GAP insurance on their policies I never thought about it (My bad) am I totally stuffed - is their ANY feasible way of me claiming the 2500 ish shortfall as finance company have said if written off they want it within 3 months. What options if any do I have? Thanks Paul
  5. they will if you push em they bought it for pennies in the pound so just push a bit more and tell em its that or nowt -
  6. Orange don't add charges on the account and sold debt doesn't include contract charges so no get out there
  7. Orange dont go as far as CCJ's - they normally go through 2 DCA's - Moorcroft is one they use - after 2 placements they then write off the balance on their systems but it remains on credit file as an unpaid balance. They have now resorted to debt selling - eg Capquest - They normally chase for the full debt - Are you sure the £288 and £948 are the same debt?
  8. if that email bounces use olaf.swantee@everythingeverywhere.com It will get handled by the exec team though but as handset is not integral to the contract I would suggest you will hit a brick wall:cell: - and for the record your line rental is not relative to the handset as such - your minutes etc are what you pay for so the 15 per month contract for the ace as an example will probably be for less minutes or texts or data or all 3 - but good luck let us know how you get on Regards Pasetos
  9. Hi Ok will try and address what I know - others can maybe fill in any other blanks Orange dont normally supply an SAR form - you can just use the library here and send with fee by recorded delivery It sounds like Orange have sold your debt to Arrow Global - This means any requests you send to Orange will just get forwarded to Arrow - UNLESS it is a dispute - these get reviewed then if needed Orange MAY intervene...but this is VERY rare. The account will still be on their systems but there's not anybody who will discuss the account - they will ALWAYS advise you to contact Arrow Global as they "own" the debt now. CCA request for this type debt is not relevant- Mobile contracts nowadays seem to be based upon you accept terms of a contract via using service/equipment. The reasons you give for the contract to be finished are NOT normally grounds for termination without a contract charge - what type of sim only deal was it? You mention 12 months therefore 4 months used left 8 months - as far as I am aware Orange wont sell on debt with contract charges - only airtime charges - so i can only assume you may have run up a bill/ it ran on for a few months before disconnecting for non payment. Arrow Global will try and tell a tale in order to get you to pay up - But I would suggest possibly looking towards requesting a F+Final with them - bear in mind they dont pay top dollar when debt purchasing HTH a little Pasetos
  10. Ok have just got pin for credit expert so checked my stats on there - it says my credit score is "fair" lmao i thought would be VERY poor - so confused!!!
  11. ok will do this tonight - whats the best outcome of this? - and from a SB point of view what happens? am i still not acknowledging the debt?
  12. equifax online - i have a paper copy of my experian file too - BH not on that one
  13. ummm dont think i can get that from credit file info - I just logged back in it doesnt say the debt has been sold on - the Barclays one does - it says The account and liability has been transferred to another company. but god know what company!!
  14. Will they possibly remove adverse data? And Black Horse data is there on credit file - last payment made was November 2004 I have never spoken to anyone since then - is that not statute Barred as well? Only annoying thing is they never defaulted the account until April 2008 nearly 3 1/2 years after my last payment made to them and although they threatened to take the car never did .... Will make a start on the letters now - I would appreciate you checking the file to make sure i am selecting the right ones - i know not many on so just to be sure!
  15. Its education thats needed I agree with your sentiment but at the end of the day its not only Orange customers this happens to.
  16. What were the ideas you had Brig? any other things I should be looking to do to be proactive? I am sure now I have my credit file they are gonna start ringing and sending letters again
  17. It is unusual for me to take any type of ppi as every other product i ever had never had ppi on it as i always thought no good for me so refused it but def on my credit card statements but hey ho live n learn as they say
  18. unfortunately not!! I think thats dead in the water but I am not too bothered to be fair - i had not paid them back nearly 3k so can say as i deserve a refund of anything from them!! What were your thoughts from the credit file etc from yesterday Brig? My main focus is I now live with someone who has an ok rating and I want to improve mine so we can go for a remortgage but joint in future so we can build a snooker room on the side of the house!! So thats my goal and i know it will take time - I am registering for electoral roll now so that will be sorted - I applied for Santnder bank acct and they knocked me back - applied for nationwide basic acct and they provisionally said yes but nearest branch is 20 miles away - just like to know best options for existing debt cos other than mortgage i really not bothered in credit as such as once bitten twice shy etc Regards Pasetos
  19. ok no real news - i had an AA credid card that appears i had "credit care" on but last statement was 2004 and doesnt appear on my credit file now so assume I am too late to claim on that - hey ho So afraid its only the credit file left to go by - any questions brig just ask away Regards P
  20. Brigadier2jcs I was wrong - have had letters from Lowells - and gonna try and find all paperwork today so i can answer any further questions correctly!! Regards P
  21. Lowell have bought one of my debts on 03/11/2009 i get letters still but I still have all my fingers and toes - as advised don't worry and try to use your local cab - they are really focussed on you and your circumstances. Lowell and their "legal" team will try and squeeze you for the money but just remember they chancing their arm. Regards P
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