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  1. Hi all I hope I'm posting in the right place / as briefly as possible - my mother bought a conservatory in 2007. The firm that installed it dissolved in 2010, but a new one emerged effectively in its place - same family, same premises, same telephone number, basically the same name etc. Towards the end of 2013 one side of the conservatory started sinking into the ground because the foundations had been incorrectly measured (this is the assessment of several parties who have inspected it). The first quote has estimated the repair at around £4k. The 10-year guarantee on
  2. Mydogsawestie / rebel11 Many thanks for the advice, email address and link, your time and help is appreciated.
  3. Hi This is my first post so hello to everyone. I'd be really grateful for any potential advice re a laptop I have purchased from John Lewis. I bought the laptop, a Sony Vaio one, in January 2011 (and it came with a two-year guarantee). In October of the same year the laptop developed a couple of small stress fractures / cracks near the power button. As I take very good care of the laptop, paid nearly £1,200 which in my view meant it should have come with a certain degree of durability / build quality, and was within the guarantee period, I contacted John Lewis regarding a repair
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