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  1. Hi, these muppets tried to pick the locks today whilst I was out. Fortunately whoever they got to do it weren't very good at it and didn't manage to get in. Anyway, despite me telling them numerous times the property isn't empty, they are asking by email and they keep getting told the same thing. I've sent them this tonight: I'm getting really worried now, should I contact the police? Even if I do contact the police, are they even likely to know what I'm going on about... the police around here seem to believe TV License people have THE RIGHT to enter a property with or without a warrant, AND they'd never heard of a WOIRA!!! I'm worried they'd say you are behind on the rent, the landlord wants you out, away you go sonny.
  2. Hi again, thanks so far, been dealing with these all day. Basically, they say they served a Section 21 Notice on me 6 January 2012, now I genuinely did not receive this notice. They have now sent me a copy of that notice by e-mail, giving an expiry date of 27/03/2012. As far as I can see, the notice is in order, EXCEPT for the fact that I did not receive the notice until today by e-mail. So: Is the burden of proof on them to show they served the notice? What proof can I ask them to provide?
  3. I claim JSA, and live with my student partner. Apparently I can't get Housing Benefit because I'm only 22 and the fact I live with an unemployed full time undergraduate student. I'm entitled to a room only allowance if I stop living with my partner. Bit unfair, especially when it isn't my fault I lost my job. Parents/family not an option so once evicted I'm truly stuffed.
  4. Thanks guys. It's annoying because the LL knows for a fact I haven't "abandoned" the property, I thought it may be an underhand tactic.
  5. Thanks, so unless a court orders me out, the Landlord doesn't have the power to enter and force me out? Do any of the above emails constitute a Section 8 notice or is that something else? Can I physically defend myself against unlawful eviction, i.e. physically prevent them from changing the locks?
  6. Hi, I have found myself out of work and I am now 3 months behind with the rent to a private landlord agency. They sent me the following all by email saying: 1) 2nd February 2012 Hi XXXXX Your Landlord has now applied for possession of the property as we have had no payment in from you at all in 3 months Regards Becci 2) 2nd February 2012 Hi XXXXX I have been instructed by your Landlord that if we don’t have a payment in 7 days, we are to change the locks on your apartment Regards Becci 3) 3rd February 2012 We have been trying to contact you for some time by letter and telephone without success and your Landlord is now comcerned that you have abandoned the property. In such circumstances your Landlord is entitled to recover possession automatically and we are therefore providing you with Notice that we will be calling with a locksmith to take possession of the property at 9.30am on 23/02/2012 If you are still resident at the property you need to ciontact us immediately to prevent this action and to avoid any additional legal costs. We trust that this clarifies the position. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've contacted them by email tonight and said I am still in the property and it is not abandoned and that I believe it is unlawful for them to attempt to gain entry to the property without a court order. I have had nothing in the post from them concerning eviction. I have been here for about 2 years, on a 6-month shorthold tenancy, but when that expired no new tenancy agreement was sent out, just kept paying the rent. I really need advice with what the Landlord/their agent can do, and whether they can just turn up and change the locks. If they legally can't, what should I do if they turn up anyway? Thank you
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