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  1. can I just get a divorce and we sort the financial bit out ourselves? all we wanna do is make if official. we made the split 3 years ago.
  2. the thought of a divorce scares the c**p out of me. and no idea how much it will cost either. will they try and tell me I have to give him even more money?? all so scary
  3. yes the money came to me 4 years ago and we split up 3 years ago, I paid him with this money and he bought another place. we still haven't done anything about getting divorced, its all amicable and he knows everything about my financial position. it was just this conversation today with a lady who is just going through the same thing and her solicitor said that money is hers as it was left to her only. its just confused me as I think I may have now given my ex too much. My house is paid for in full, there is no mortgage.
  4. a customer of mine has just had the same thing happen and her solicitor told her if the money was left to her then it was nothing to do with her husband.
  5. Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me. I inherited some money just before my husband and I decided to split up, can you tell me if he is entitled to any of this money please?? the money was in my name only. cheers S
  6. I rent a field near very near Norwich for my horses, i have been asked by the owners if i wish to buy the field. It is agricultural land and is about 1 and a quarter acres. Can anyone give me any idea of what the fees for a solicitor might cost roughly to do this please?? One person said it could be £2000, they are selling the field for £6000 so another 2k on top seems a bit steep???? Any wise knowledge would be gratefully received, thank you. Sonja
  7. thanks for that, its knowing where to start thats the prob, i went to CAB once and as there is only one office open in my city and only on certain afternnoons i ended up waiting nearly 3 hrs to be seen! Not something i really want to go through again . Isnt there some ruling where a couple have lived apart for 2 years or more things are simpler than a regualar imediate divorce? cheers
  8. There were few months of the mortgage left when we split,I continued to pay and this has now been paid off fully. there is no mortgage company involved. I do have a 16 year old daughter and we agreed a fee that he would pay each week for her upkeep, which he has paid without fail. As for the divorce he seems to think that i can go and get it all sorted and he will just sign something and agree. Does it work like that? I doubt it. thanks for all your help so far.
  9. Hi, Wondered if you could help me at all? Two years ago my husband and I split up after 25 years of marriage. All is agreeable and amicable. He agreed I can have the house, I paid him a sum of money, car , bike pension etc. My question is this, can I get his name removed from my deeds without going through a solicitor and encountering a large fee? Also can we get a divorce without people telling us what we have to split? as we are quite happy with things as they are. Your help is much appreciated. Sonja
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