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  1. Hi, Can my account and posts be deleted please? I'm unable to find a way to do so. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the reply! I went to the bank the next day and explained the situation and they knocked off £600 which I found more than fair!
  3. Hi guys, basically I've not used my Natwest account for over a year and a half and out of cuiosity got a mini statement from a cash machine today. To my horror it read I was £718 overdrawn which quite frankly made me feel sick to the stomach. There has been money in and out of my account since then as my Dad kept a small amount of money in there and alst time I checked I had an aggreed overdraft limit of £100. I'm going straight to the bank in the morning to find out how it's got so negative. I was wondering if someone could advise my what to do as I don't currently have employment at the moment but I do have a job interview tomorrow. If I do get the job (I pray I do) will my pay get swallowed up by these charges? It'll also leave me completely broke and unable to live if it does! I'd be SO grateful if someone could advise! Thanks very much for you time. Andy. P.s. I think these are bank charges seeing as they wouldn't let any payment go through if my overdraft was an agreed £100?
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