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  1. I recently used a retail store and have received a G24 parking charge notice demanding 75 pounds (50 pounds if I pay early). I know that G24 is one of the [edited] companies who partake in this [problem]. i did overstay by 30 minutes. Some questions if anyone knows answers please: 1. Change in registered owner - I am in process of applying to DVLA to change the registered owner, not sure if will change it to my partners name at my address or my father who lives overseas. I am tempted to change it to the overseas address? Is this a problem? 2. Options - Other than ignoring
  2. Thanks ED999. I agreed to the rent abatement, got confirmation from the landlord via email and paid the money. In hindsight perhaps a written, signed letter wouldhave been preferable. Any views if emails count as evidence of this agreement?
  3. Thanks for the reply. The company is a limited one. I have asked which legal for advise who say it is better to withdraw and issue a new claim. there may be complications if the judge orders a hearing and will end up being more costly.
  4. Appreciate some help here. I was on a 6 month AST with non-maintenance by LL. Moved out after completing min term and paid rent after agreeing a 30% abatement. Have emails from LL to confirm. Also have the entire history of the reported issues ( leaking sanitation/damp) from day 1 till the end of the tenancy. ****ed off as rent fully paid and no missing goods. However LL has gone back on his agreement. Monthly rent 795, deposit 1350. I have claimed full deposit plus costs totalling 1450. Questions: In small claims court, LL defending witholding full deposit for missing goods
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