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  1. Thanks for responding ericsbrother, I was beginning to feel neglected. I finally obtained a contact name at the council's solicitors and emailed them requesting a contact name at the council's legal department as the matter had been passed by them to solicitors on 25 September and the transfer should have been completed within 6 - 8 weeks. Eerily an hour later my solicitors received an email suggesting a completion date of 15 December. This entire process has taken from 2 July 2013 with a lot of heartache and 1,000 more grey hairs. Hopefully the end is now in sight but any more del
  2. Can anyone help. I have contacted the council to get any information but no reply.
  3. In June 2014 we accepted a RTB offer and instructed solicitors. We received a mortgage offer from our bank for £8,000 over the purchase price. The LA's solicitors requested a full explanation of why we were getting more on mortgage than purchase price and we supplied a complete list of works. The bank's valuation is £140,000 more than the purchase price. We have had to request two extensions to our mortgage offer costing us extra. Our solicitors have not been able to get a reply from LA's solicitors as to when we can complete and our third mortgage offer expires at the end of Dece
  4. Thanks stu - but i have followed all the procedures up to request for "redetermination" . Just trying to find out what recourse I have if I have zero luck with the District Valuer. Can I still go to the Local Government Ombudsman?
  5. At the beginning of July 2013 I submitted a joint application with my son to purchase my council flat. I have been a council tenant for over 27 years and am therefore entitled to full discount. Although my son is not on tenancy he has provided proof of living with me the whole time by submitting 12 months bank statements, driver''s licence and mobile accounts to the address. The application was only sent on 21 September (over three months delay when statutory time limit is 1 month). After waiting a considerable time I sent a RTB5 - no acknowledgement or communication received from
  6. I would explain the situation. They just ask for your name, address, date of birth and credit/debit card details.
  7. I recently lost/threw out by mistake my freedom pass. Phoned 0845 275 7054 gave them all my details and had to pay £10. I got a new freedom pass within 5 days.
  8. TPar

    NHS dentist complaints

    I have sent a letter of complaint to the Practice Manager last week. According to the Code of Practice an acknowledgement of the letter should be received within 2 working days and a full response within 10 working days. So far I have received no acknowledgement whatsoever and doubt whether I will receive a a response based on this. Do you think I have recourse to the Ombudsman? Not for financial gain but to ensure that practices are put in place to ensure that this type of treatment does not impact on other vulnerable people?
  9. TPar

    NHS dentist complaints

    Thanks again dent. I presume it was a community dental clinic but not at all sure. I realise and agree with most of what you are saying however the band 2 treatment was supposed to cover all examinations, xrays and etractions which were not completed in a timely fashion by the dentist and while it is reasonable to wait for some time for the gums to heal and the bone to settle I still believe that 4 months between appointments is extreme.
  10. TPar

    NHS dentist complaints

    Thanks for your reply dent. However, I am still out of pocket by £50 due to having to find and pay a general practice dentist the full amount also having to endure a long delay and the embarrassment of not having teeth.
  11. TPar

    NHS dentist complaints

    Thanks for replying assisted blond. The dentist said she couldn't take impressions immediately as there were two loose teeeth and she was afraid they would come out in the impression.
  12. TPar

    NHS dentist complaints

    Having read through the forum about recovering payments for non-delivery of service, would I be able to do a charge back from the bank for the money I have already paid to the dental practice as I will now have to pay a new dentist the full amount?
  13. TPar

    NHS dentist complaints

    Thanks honeybee. You are indeed well named
  14. Apologies if this is not the correct forum for this but would appreciate the CAGGERS' responses to the complaint that I wish to make about the dentist I have been seeing. The complaint letter would (I hope) explain all. Dear Sir/Madam I wish to lodge a complaint against the dentist supplying my dental treatment. I first saw (name withheld) at the end of May 2013 when she examined and took x-rays at which time I paid the initial fee of £18. She explained to me that I would need all my teeth removed and have dentures supplied. She also explained that it would need a number of visit
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