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  1. hi i went through something like this a few years ago, have you thought about going to the CAB, they really helped me, try not to stress, i know where you are coming from as i was really ill over it all, but it is not worth it. xx
  2. Hi thanks to everyone.. i thought i would update everyone.. yes been a hard couple of years and came through it.. the cab wanted me to fight my case.. but i had not got the strength.. just wanted it over.. but anyone going through this.. chin up and fight for your rights ..wish i had and thanks for all the help people gave me xx
  3. Hi i really feel for you i was in a situation a bit like yours, and try not to worry, one thing is the council tax, they told me i should have had it in my name .Good luck with it all THis forum is very good, try not to worry . Things will get better, i came through it , so can you xx
  4. Hi guys , i can tell you all from personal experience you wont end up in prison, i went through the same thing and after sending all your documents in the hmrc will just want their money and just set a repayment plan that you can afford . I know it is not nice and i wish all you guys all the best with sorting it. Believe me things will get better xxx
  5. hi , so how did it go at cab xxx
  6. Hi Dont be scared , honeybee is right , the cab will help you and give you piece of mind. You will be fine xx
  7. it will be over soon, and you will look back on this and wonder what it was all about. I am getting on with things, not been easy. xx
  8. Hi i did not tell anyone at work, but i was signed off work for over 2 months , so all they knew was that i had a breakdown,ireally feel for you and hope you soon start feeling better xxxx
  9. hi deep breaths , you must try and calm down , i know it is hard from personal experience. Take every day as it comes, as soon as you get your bills send them in, and believe me if you owe them money, they will just want you to start paying money back each month. I coped with the help of a very good friend and fantastic gp, i took anti depressants amongst other things, and i found it helped, but i had so much time off work i had to organise, my day. I used to try and sleep alot of the time time but that did not help. I used to go for long walks with my dog, i know that sounds mad, my heart used to race all the time. Take each day as it comes , from what you have said you have a beautiful daughter like myself and she is prob a rock to you, try taking your mind off things , easier said than done. I can promise you it will get easier, it is a year ago this all happened for me, i never thought i would get over it but u do, i haven't forgotten but time is a great healer. Not long now and you go to cab they will take a big weight off your mind, big hugs xxx
  10. you will be fine, when you going to cab , they are very helpful. Things will get easier xx
  11. hi , i have never heard of anyone get fined xx
  12. dont think the worse , i did , but believe me you will be fine. The worse that will happen is an overpayment and all you will have to do is pay the money back at a rate you can afford.:-D. Try and stop worrying, big hug xx
  13. if it helps i sent everything i could to hmrc and the statements etc that were missing i told them i would forward them on when i got copies and they were happy with that . You will get it sorted x
  14. hi , have you any idea how much you will have to pay back,,,, am glad you went to your gp. Things will get easier, your story so similar to mine, i told no one at work but i found it easier that way. Glad you are eating , chin up xxx
  15. that is only one tax year, so you might not have much of an overpayment,. i was given anti depressants, as well as other drugs for panic attacks and something to knock me out at night, i had a huge breakdown, but to be honest it is not worth it, after a few months i just stopped taking them, it is year since all this happened and have just got on with my life, not worth going back, you will get through this and come out the other end, from what you have said you have been through so much, so you are a strong person, have a daughter like myself and she was a big help to me. You sound as though you have a good gp, they will give you lots of support. Try and relax. xx:-)
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