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  1. Thanks il get a letter out asap and update when i hear anything. Unsure what to do when & if i do get the statements, what was the reasoning behind postggj telling me to get this info
  2. Yes I have received the sar info but it does not include the statement of price or means, I contacted welcome asking for the specific info but they have not supplied it I gave them 14 days to provide it but still not in reciept of it, wanted to know how best now to go about getting that info.
  3. Hi thanks CB ive been told to get statement of means & statement of price and try get the underwriters sheet off welcome i wrote them a letter given 14 days to supply the info which I think they are choosing to ignore. The loan has ppi & mortgage indemnity fee and loads of unlawfull charges.
  4. Hi postggj or anyone, I sent requests for statement of method and needs but have not received this info from welcome, can anyone advise what I should do now please thanks
  5. Two weeks have now passed and welcome have just sent sar info with no statements of price or means. Just a covering letter stating its been ordered. What now?
  6. Cant believe they wont take copy of credit agreement and want bank statements, I have the opposite problem in that I can provide payments made but that is not good enough. What a slippery company. Have you any update
  7. Are they required to keep loans that have been secured on a property for longer than 6 years. Or is it 6 years regardless of wether it was secured or not, regulated or un regulated? Really dont trust hfc as far as i can spit, saying that goes for all banks
  8. Thanks all for replies loans where between 2002-2005 i provided hfc with all account numbers which i gave them from my bank statements. They claim they have nothing apart from 1 loan where the broker was ocean finance from 2002, its rather funny but they supplied me with everything application forms and basically all info for that loan as they know i could not pursue them for anything.
  9. Hi postggj, thanks very much for your help i will send the request on monday and update when and if I hear anything
  10. Hi Postggj thanks for reply is their by anychance a template letter. Do i need to stipulate a time frame for them to supply this info?
  11. I sent a sar to hfc to get details for several loans from them dating back to 2002/2004, total of 4 loans each that had ppi attached. HFC have sent me a letter stating they have no info on all the secured loans as all records where deleted after 6 years. Is this the end of the road in claiming back ppi now? I have none of the agreements only bank statements showing monthly repayments
  12. Recived £10 fee back from welcome stating fee allready paid with no additional info. Postggj are they legally obliged to send me the 3 items listed. Where do I stand now as i see them just ignoring the points
  13. So are they legally obliged to give me those 2 sheets i require? will send off sar tommorow and post details up as soon as I hear any news, they took a full 40 days to provide info last time so I assume they will drag it out to the bitter end this time also.
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