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  1. Hi & thanks for the info. I contacted hmrc & they told me that all interest pertaining to accounts was taxable. Pity, that puts a big dent in the payout. Puts me in mind of a saying I heard recently........you shouldn't lie & steal....the government doesn't like the competition.
  2. Thanks for your reply, interest was what they charged me compounded @26.9%. This is the first time I had heard of this in all the research that I have done.
  3. Hi all, Barclaycard have agreed to pay back all fees charged to my account plus compound interest after I took them to small claims, however, the say that because this is compensation the are going to subtract income tax @ 20% on the compound interest portion of the claim. Is this normal procedure?? I used the unjust enrichment approach. Thanks in anticipation
  4. Yes, I got all the premiums + 8% which is a lot less than I was claiming. I am so mad that HFC get away with this behavior. The way I was duped into this PPI was very dodgy. I was expecting more from the Scottish legal system!
  5. Hi, Was in Sherrif Court this am ( yes Scotland) for a PPI claim with HFC. Hfc were not contesting that the PPI was mis-sold only the fact that I was claiming contractual compound interest. Sherrif agreed with Hfc & said that simple interest was the only compensation available in Scotland & he thought that 8% was very generous. I was shocked to discover that restitution for unjust enrichment was not available to me in Scotland!!!! Cheers
  6. Could I charge them for sending them letters & dealing with the DCA eventhough the account was in dispute? Cheers
  7. Could loss be classified as having to send loads of letters to ask them to comply as well as dealing with a DCA whom they passed the debt on to & having to do loads of research in ways of trying to get them to comply. Cheers
  8. Hi all, wondering how to go about applying to court for damage due to failure of Rbs & barclaycard to fully comply with SAR request. I had a look at small claims forms but couldnt see any thing that would fit for this type of claim. Any help greatly appreciated.
  9. Thanks for that Ims, I didnt get statements, only a print out. I will get that on my spreadsheet & get it sent sure. Thanks again Cheers
  10. Any help with MbNA tactics would be greatly appreciated as well. Cheers
  11. postman6065


    Hi, Just got my sar back from MBNA credit card & am trying to find out what interest rate to use when claiming back the charges. The only ones I can find are an intraductory rate when the card was taken out @ 14.9% in 2001 & another one in 2004 @ 22.9%. Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers
  12. Hi dx100uk, I'm just starting down the road with reclaiming charges etc, I owe about 38k to 11 highwaymen & feel sure at least a few are going to kick up a fuss. I have recieved 2 sar's back( & both fail the 127(3) ) & I think some of the claims will be quite large as I have been spending hard on these cards since 2003.
  13. Hi, looking for some help, i live in scotland, only just, my post town is in england as is my nearest court. The question is can i use the english courg to reclaim credit card charges. I have read through loads of threadz and am a bit confused. thanks in anticipation
  14. Hi Simple question as i am new to all this stuff,i live right on the scotland border and was wondering if i have to use the scottish courts to sue scottish based financial companies and vice versa for english based companies. My nearest court is in england and would be lot easier for me. Thank you all in anticipation. Cheers
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