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  1. Yes but I can’t seem to post it on here. Can I send it to someone privately to have a look through ? I’ve also got a copy of the court order.
  2. so after ignoring numerous letters now they’ve sent this.. should I respond back to them now or not? Please any advice would be appreciated Further to our letter dated 29th March 2022 we are writing to inform you that Legal Action will begin within 7 days of the above date as you have not responded to requests to settle this account. You may remit the sum of € 1,489.50 before this date to avoid Legal Action. Please note that legal action will include a claim for costs in the sum of € 50.00 . We should also remind you that this could affect your credit rating. Your cheque made payable to Petherbridge Basra should be sent to us together with any correspondence, quoting the above reference number. If Par any reason you dispute the claim being made against you please provide us with detaiys immediately so that we may investigate this matter further. Yours sincerely
  3. I honestly don’t remember as it was a while ago but I’m pretty sure I didn’t have legal expenses insurance. Shal i ask them for a copy of the terms?
  4. Sorry for my ignorance, but what do you mean? It’s just I’m flying out next week so really want to get this sorted before I go hence the panic sorry. should I ignore the letter again or respond back? As this letter is from the solicitors company whereas the others were from the solicitor who was dealing with my case.
  5. Hi just received another letter demanding to pay within the next 7 days otherwise they will issue court proceedings. . should I just pay the amount? Can you please advise on what I should do next. We have been instructed by our above-mentioned clients to apply to you for immediate payment of the above sum in respect of your outstanding account. Our client is unaware of any reason why this sum should not be paid. Unless therefore we receive your remittance in the above sum made payable to Petherbridge Bassra within 7 days from the date of this letter, we have the authority to commence legal proceedings against you. If for any reason you dispute the claim being made against you please provide us with details so that we may investigate this matter further. Please note all communication in relation to this matter should be in writing quoting the aboye reference number. Yours sincerely
  6. This was her response. The defendants are not seeking costs We are seeking recovery of our unrecoverable disbursements as agreed in our CFA and numerous correspondence. If you lose you will not have to pay your opponent’s costs unless any of the conditions listed in section 10 of the document "CFA: What You Need to Know" apply. If you lose you do not pay our charges but we may require you to pay our expenses and disbursements if you do not have any insurance. You may choose to take out an insurance policy to cover your liability for such charges After the Event (ATE). Kind regards
  7. I did what you said and this was her reply. Afternoon I will be seeking instructions from our Barrister, however in any event it is not for any other person to provide such advice on our costs. We set out our reasons in our correspondence and we have discussed the possible costs consequences on numerous occasions with the client, the client agreement entitles us to seek recovery of our costs and disbursements. However we have limited these to our disbursements only, if this continues to debt recovery we will seek our full costs. I am happy to discuss this further with Adeel on his return Kind regards
  8. what should I do? Keep ignoring the letters or respond back? Because they are threatening to get debt collection agency involved and I don’t want the costs to rise and ending up having to pay out
  9. Since then I’ve received another letter mimicking the same thing which I’m just ignoring aswell.. erm petherbridge bassra solicitors
  10. I cant find the agreement letter but i have attached a copy of the letter I received I write following the hearing that took place on the 6' December 2021. You made the decision on the day of the hearing to discontinue your claim. The Judge dismissed the claim with no order to costs. Therefore you were not ordered to pay the Defendants costs, however I await sight of the Court order to confirm this outcome. In accordance with our Conditional Fee Agreement I am therefore entitled to seek recovery of my costs and disbursements from you. However I am willing to limit these to just the Outstanding disbursements if immediate payment is arranged. If I have no option but to transfer this file to our Debt Recovery Department, I reserve the right to recover both my costs and disbursements, The outstanding disbursements are as follows:- Engineer's report fee: €60.00 Court fee: £255.00 Counsel's tees: £862.50 Medical report fee: €216.00 Medical addendum report fee: £96.00 Total: £1,489.50 I would be most obliged if you could contact me to discuss payment. I am prepared to consider a monthly repayment plan. I look forward to hearing from you.
  11. No that claim was not more than £10k. Il try and find it and post it here
  12. Hi i went through a broker who passed my case on to the solicitor
  13. i was involved in a car accident which wasnt my fault. And the other party were not accepting liability either. it ended up going to court. When i attended the trail i had a barrister sent from my solicitors to represent me. At this trail i was told my evidence for the case wasnt strong enough and that i would lose the case so was advised to discontinue. My barrister and the other barrister both came to a mutual decision to discontinue. When they approached the judge he decided to completely dismiss the case with no costs. My barrister turned around and said to me that because the judge had dismissed the case i didnt have to pay my solicitor a single penny. I want to write an email to her saying that i was told i didnt have to pay you anything but dont know how to phrase it..I any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  14. Hi all, just after some advice.. i had an accident back in 2019 and the claim has been on going since then. On December 6th 2021, i attended court and was advised by my barrister to discontinue the claim. At this point, the judge decided to dismiss the whole claim. My barrister i didnt have to pay any costs to either the other party or my solicitor (as it was no win no fee). However few days ago I received a letter from my solicitor asking me to pay her costs under the conditional fee agreement otherwise she will get pursue her costs from debt recovery. Now im confused and dont know where i stand. Can anybody help me with this situation? Regards anne
  15. Sorry this is going to sound so stupid, but how do I convert that image into PDF. Ive been trying for the past hour, but my tablet won't let me? :/
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